9 Best sites of unexplained strange phenomena

Since the dawn of time, man has been interested in paranormal phenomena, occultism, magic and alchemy are sciences that have been part of our history since the beginning.

Of course, talking about it openly can often make people laugh, but don't get me wrong, these same people often have their own experiences to tell, whether it is a strange phenomenon or a paranormal mystery.

Unexplained strange phenomena

What about the thousands of people who have seen, heard, or even smelled the scent of a deceased loved one or have had their lives saved before an accident because they received an equally strange warning.

SiteComme has had the pleasure of searching for excellent sites that deal with paranormal phenomena. We must admit that the world of the strange and the unknown is very well filled with sites, each one more fascinating than the other.

So whether you are a believer or not, go and pay a little visit and let the child in you wake up and be fascinated by the world of spirits or these famous mysterious places.

Mysterium Incognita

Official Website

Mysterium Incognita is a new website that will fascinate you by the large number of high quality articles that you can find there. Indeed, despite his young age, we can be sure that Mysterium Incognita has an excellent future ahead of him.

A large number of subjects are covered, such as former astronauts, the bigfootsand many other strange and fascinating subjects. So if you want to have a good time reading and discovering, Mysterium Incognita is without a doubt one of the best paranormal websites. 

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If you enjoy reading a good paranormal book, Mystery Portals is the site for you. With many interesting topics such as astral travel, esotericism, angels and nature spirits to name a few, Mystery Portals will keep you busy.

So go visit this site of serious paranormal phenomenon, you will surely appreciate their investigations and their professionalism.


Official Website

If you want to watch a good paranormal documentary whether it be about UFOs, demons or mystical creatures Documystère is really the best place. This paranormal video site will keep you busy with an excellent selection of documentaries. Documystère is one of the excellent sites of strange phenomena so take the opportunity to discover quality documentaries.

Ghost Train

Official Website

Ghost Train is an excellent site for paranormal phenomena. You will find a huge selection of testimonies as well as photos related to these testimonies. Ghost Train is filled with true stories about mysterious apparitions, witchcraft and all sorts of unexplained phenomena.

If you have experienced a paranormal phenomenon or a scary storyYou can contact the ghost train, which will be happy to publish your adventure.


Official Website

With very interesting testimonies, Saisitachance is a site of paranormal Mystery which will know surely to please you. You will discover there very interesting headings and of a very beautiful energy. With many articles of good taste, Saisitachance will give you very good moments of relaxation.

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Haunted house

Official Website

Haunted House offers a great choice of paranormal documentaries as well as a great choice of categories such as ghost hunter, haunted places, exorcism and others. So if you are one of those who love the unusual and the frightening, you will enjoy visiting Haunted House.

In Mysteriam

Official Website

In Mysteriam will certainly please you, with an excellent choice of files, whether on Chupacabras, crop circles, guardian angels or on ancient disappeared civilizations. you will certainly find a file that interests you.

With many photos and extremely serious files, in Mysteriam will keep you on your seat for a long time. You will discover many paranormal videos as well as articles that will surely not leave you indifferent.

A Bizzard World

Official Website

If you like to read about paranormal phenomena, you will certainly enjoy Un monde Bizzard. You will find a large choice of articles and UFO videos but also files such as the Bermuda Triangle, revelations about the pyramids of Egypt and much more.

Enjoy this excellent site of serious paranormal phenomena to satisfy your curiosity and discover a fascinating world full of mysteries.

Top secret

Official Website

As Top Secret says, we all need the truth. Top Secret is a great site for strange phenomenonWith articles on a variety of interesting topics, Top Secret will keep you comfortable at your keyboard.

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Basically, Top Secret is a French magazine, very well known and respected in the paranormal world, so go and visit it and we are sure you will have a great time.

Paranormal Stories

Official Website

Do you like unusual videos or urban legends? If the answer is yes, you owe it to yourself to visit Histoires-Paranormales.

You will find many strange videos and stories that will surely fascinate you. Of course, it's always up to us to believe what we want, but in any case, Paranormal-Stories will surely give you a great time.

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