6 Best Mystery Sites in the World

When the Aztecs arrived in TeotihuacanThere they found a city already in place, the temple of Quetzalcoalt and the pyramids of the sun and the moon with a geometric and mathematical order quite incredible. Who built these wonders, and why, this incredible Mexican site has so much correlation with the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, located on another continent? The mystery of the pyramids, wherever they may be on the globe, remains one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

The enigmas of history have always fascinated us, which is quite normal since it is our own history. And what about secret societies, whether we are talking about the Skulls and Bones, the Bavarian Illuminati, the Thule Society, or the Priory of Sion, to name but a few, mystery and more mystery.

There are also the great disappeared civilizations, such as Atlantis, the people of Easter Island or the Mayan people who lived in the great Tikal in Guatemala and who disappeared overnight, abandoning their fabulous city. Without leaving any trace of their mysterious departure, they who wrote everything about their stories. It is very difficult for a person in exile to leave no trace of his passage, then for tens of thousands of people it is almost impossible. Yet it is still an unsolved mystery.

The mysteries of the world abound, whether we are talking about the knowledge of the ancients with sacred geometry, the fabulous crystal skulls, conspiracies or of forbidden archaeologyWe can say without any doubt that we will surely not lack of topics in the next century. So, since we are so fascinated by the mysteries of the world, we decided to do a good research in order to find you the best websites on the mysteries of the world.

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So take the time to visit each of them from the first to the last of this list, because it is impossible for us to put them all number 1 and we can guarantee you a very good reading time.

Mystery & Unusual

Official Website

Discover enigmatic places, myths and legends, traditions and many other subjects such as enigmatic characters, secret society and much more with Mystery & Unusual. You will find a very nice photo gallery, such as aboriginal paintings, crop circles or wheat circles, Nazca lines in Peru and much more.

Mystère & insolite is a site that offers you a reflection on the great mysteries of this world. Take advantage of it, to visit their Glossary & Quotes folder which will surely not leave you indifferent.


Official Website

SecreteBase is certainly one of the oldest sites on history and great mysteries of the world on the web. Still as fascinating as it was in its early days, SecreteBase has kept that magic that motivates us to return to visit their chronicles of the strange.

You will find categories like, Mysteries and Strange, Mysteries of Civilizations, Sects and Religions, but also categories like The Secret of the Zodiac or Mysteries of Planets and more. This site of unsolved mystery is worth the pleasure to be discovered, so go and make a little visit very soon.

Secret Files

Official Website
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Here is another excellent site on the mysteries of the world, you will find very good articles on different subjects such as the Hollow Earth, Area 51, The Loch Ness Monster as well as many articles in the same genre.

You will find stories of ghost ships and poltergeists, but also a folder full of excellent articles on world anomalies, such as Perpetual Lamps, Ancient Technology and many other fascinating articles.

Stories and Mysteries

Official Website

If you like mysterious chronicles, alchemy or esotericism, Histoires et Mystères will surely please you. You will surely enjoy reading articles such as, do wizards still exist? spontaneous combustions, or the famous emerald table of Hermes Trismegistus. In short, this excellent site of the strange will transport you in another dimension without you having had time to realize it.

The Mysteries

Official Website

If you like to watch a good documentary on the enigmas of history or on the greatest mysteries of the world, you are at the right place. Mysteries offers you many interesting video documentaries, listed to make your life easier and to avoid unnecessary research.

Les Mystères offers you channel categories such as Mystère, or la vérité est ailleurs to name a few and each of these channels contains numerous video documentaries carefully selected to give you a good quality time.

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The Mystery Chronicles

Official Website

Whether you are a time traveleror simply set with the Roman dial, be sure that time will no longer exist when you visit the Mystery Chronicles. You will have the pleasure of discovering article categories such as Time Travel, Forbidden Archaeology, Secret Military Prototypes. Go explore the mystery, or elucidate the paranormal with the Mystery Chronicles.

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