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Who hasn't had the feeling of having lived somewhere else, in another time or place? Or to have had premonitory dreams? Maybe even feeling like you're going out of your body? In fact, the list of feelings or strange things that one may have already felt could be very long. All these phenomena that could be classified as non-physical have been and are still being studied by scientists from all over the world.

How can we explain a young child who speaks a different language from the one of his entourage by saying that he remembers who he was before he became the one who is now and that moreover can be proved by all the specific details given by him? We can also add to this the phenomenon of near-death experience( NDE or near death experience)A person who has been officially clinically dead and has come back to life after some time.

Most of them explain that they went through a zone of peace, of unimaginable happiness, colors, sounds, perfection, the feeling of being part of a whole, and even having met close relatives or friends who had passed away. Most of them did not want to return to earth and the feeling of returning to their own bodies was very difficult and dense for them. The near-death experience or NDE is studied all over the world and many medical specialists as well as the scientific world tend to confirm the reality of this phenomenon.

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The world of the spirit, the soul and the universe are huge subjects that deserve to be taken very seriously, so we did a research work in order to find the most serious websites in these fields without going into any religion. Of course, it is very difficult not to link the soul to a fixed belief. So, have fun visiting our list below, and if you know of a serious and quality web site that deserves a place in this list, we will be happy to add it to it.

Myst Spiritism and Astral

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Myst Spiritism and Astral is without any doubt one of the best and most complete sites when it comes to the astral world. Indeed, you will be able to find there several important subjects such as NDEs, astral travel, reincarnation, subtle bodies and many other subjects just as interesting.

You will also find a video category as well as a forum, a photo gallery and a section where you can send a testimony. In short, if you want to know a little more about all the subjects that touch the spirit and the soul, Myst Spiritism and Astral is a place that you must visit.


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Elishean is a network of some websites where we propose you a very large choice of categories which will know how to captivate you to the point of sending their links in your favorites. Whether it is about spirituality, quantum physics ancient civilizations You will also find a video category as well as a blog and many other interesting topics and categories. 

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Presence of other worlds

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As its name indicates, Presence of Other Worlds is a site that is really out of the conventional, devoted entirely to the parallel world, the world of the afterlife and the extraterrestrial world. Patrick Delsaut is a writer and researcher in the fields of other worlds and will know how to transport you where no one else has succeeded. Also, if you wish, you can buy his books directly through his website, either in paper format or in E-book.

Unexplained in debate

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Another very interesting site, Unexplained in debate will offer you some very good moments of relaxation as well as the most fascinating information. With many categories available, you will have a hard time staying focused on what you wanted to find in the first place.

The afterlife, the paranormal, UFOs, unexplained phenomena, are some of the themes that you will find on their website. Take a few minutes of your time right now and go and enjoy this excellent site for those who are passionate about the unexplained.


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Syti is an absolutely fascinating and very colorful site. You will find a great choice of various categories, whether it's about evolution, philosophy of life or metaphysics, Syti will offer you more than what you want.

You will find many interesting links and a very lively blog. If you want to exchange on subjects that are important to you, you can register on their forum which is also a blog they call the village.

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Spirit Science Metaphysics

Official Website

Philosophy, science and spirituality are some of the subjects you can explore on the Esprit Science Métaphysiques website. You will discover some of the most fascinating subjects such as the twin flame phenomenon through quantum physics and many others. So if you want to make your consciousness evolve, Esprit Science Métaphysiques is a metaphysical website that you owe it to yourself to visit.

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