9 English-speaking sites on the mysteries of the world

If ancient civilizations and their mysteries fascinate you and the English language is not a barrier, you will surely appreciate our list below. However, if you have difficulty with the language of Shakespeare, we invite you to read our articles in the same genre for the best French sites.

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As we have just mentioned, we have done a research work in order to find you the best English-speaking sites on the mysteries of the world, we can guarantee you that the sites you are about to discover will be able to hold you for long hours in front of your laptop or others.

Conquer the ancient civilizations, their knowledge and their techniques of an unequalled knowledge to this day. Go to the discovery of the greatest enigmas of the history as well as on the mysteries of the world, you will surely know a delectable pleasure with these sites of choice.

So take advantage of this list of the best unsolved mysteries sites to have a great time, and make great discoveries of mysterious archaeology and the greatest secrets of humanity.


Ancient Wisdom

Official Website

Ancient Wisdom is undoubtedly one of the best sites on forbidden or censored archaeology, you will discover many files that will keep you busy for many hours.

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Ancient Wisdom is a site where you can discover many ancient artifacts, as well as, several files related to a lost knowledge, or at least an almost lost knowledge that hopefully, will be found very soon.

Ancient Code

Official Website

How can we explain that thousands of years before satellites, we could create maps of the planet as perfect as that of Piri Reis? The riddles of history abound and as you will see, Ancient Code will lead you to the riddles of history and the world's greatest mysteries.

Old Code is one of the most beautiful sites where you can find video documentaries and many photos worthy of National Geographic. You will discover many articles related to NASA, as well as recent discoveries that will change your perception of the evolution of man according to Darwin.

Ancient Origins

Official Website

Another excellent site on history puzzles, Ancient Origins will make you discover files from all eras. From medieval times to the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt, and even ancient Rome.

Unexplained phenomena from another time, the legend of Atlantis or the giants that once cohabited with man. This is part of what Ancient Origin offers on their excellent website, and much more.


Official Website

With many video documentaries on great unexplained mysteries as well as articles on subjects that will fascinate you, MysteryPiles really deserves to be known. MysteryPile offers documentaries on the Hopi Indians and their ancestral knowledge, on the Templars, the Bermuda Triangle, crop circles or UFOs among others.

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Go and enjoy this excellent Mystery site to question your established beliefs.


Official Website

Who killed Kennedy? Who are the Skull & Bones? Who really brought down towers 1, 2 and 3 on 9/11? Several questions to which WANTtoKNOW.info will be pleased to bring as much light as possible.

You will find some absolutely remarkable articles on hot topics such as vaccines, aspartame, or even on the enigmas of history in general. In short, WANTtoKNOW.info will offer you an excellent choice of information of all kinds.

Humans Are Free

Official Website

If you like to watch a good documentary about the enigmas of history or about the greatest mysteries of the world, you are in the right place. Humans Are Free offers a wide selection of article categories such as Forbidden Archaeology, Conspiracy Evidence, Spirituality, Vanished Civilization, Unsolved Mystery and many others all equally interesting.

You will find files on pharmaceutical giants, CIA, Wikileaks, the bloodlines of the great Satanic families and many other articles that will fascinate you for hours.

Mysterious Earth

Official Website

Archaeology, history, mysteries, UFOs, the unexplained, this is what awaits you with Mysterious Earth. You will find many well documented articles with beautiful pictures. Mysterious Earth offers you an excellent choice of files on the mysteries of the world with extraterrestrial evidence that will challenge the beliefs of the greatest atheists on the planet.

The WorldNews Network ( WN )

Official Website

With more than fifty documentaries of great interest, The WorldNews Network must be part of this list of sites on the greatest mysteries of the world. In fact, The WorldNews Network is a web site that will bring you a lot of information in all kinds, politics, technology, sports, business, health, etc.

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Their documentaries on forbidden archaeology, ancient history, ancient demons or on the technology of ancient civilizations will captivate you for a long time. Go and visit them, you won't regret it.

The Story Behind The Story

Official Website

The Story Behind The Story will introduce you to forbidden archaeology and history puzzles. You'll find a variety of files, all of them very interesting. Whether it is about the 18 giant skeletons found in Wisconsin, the MK-Ultra/Monarch project, or the riddles of history, among others, The Story Behind The Story offers you articles of very good quality.


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