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Nothing is more fascinating than the UFO phenomenon, for many reasons, it has become impossible to claim to be the only ones in the universe. A subject filled with skepticism, today we are witnessing a major change in the attitude of many governments of different countries such as China, Russia, Australia and many more. Revelations from high ranking military officers, astronauts, etc., with files such as UFO RevelationAs a result, several governments are beginning to release information and files that were once kept top secret.

Numerous vestiges demonstrate that extremely advanced civilizations have lived on earth in the past. Would they have them the help of extraterrestrials? Who were these famous Annunakis of Sumerian tablets ? Who were these famous Gods on their vimana in the Gilgamesh stories? Who were the Nephilim of the Old Testament? Questions that have very often been ignored by choice, only because they are too complex, or simply to keep man in ignorance of his past.

What's the point of rewriting history every time we make a new discovery, better to leave it hidden in the back of a museum. And if the Sumerian tablets were telling the truth, is it possible that these extraterrestrial visitors are still visiting us? Several questions continue to work on the collective unconscious.

SiteComme has been pleased to find you the best French-speaking sites on UFOs and extraterrestrial files. Visit this list of serious sites which will fascinate you, or at least will have the merit of shaking one of your beliefs, well inked since always in the depths of yourself.

  Sites on the mysteries of the soul and the universe


Official Website

UFO-Direct is an excellent site on unidentified flying objects and alternative sciences. You will find a very large choice of testimonies, files on UFOs, or quantum physics as well as interviews, investigations and much more. Moreover, UFO-Direct offers you an excellent choice of very serious files on exobiology & extraterrestrial life.


Official Website

Ovnis-Expert or Association québécoise de l'Ufologie, offers you interviews as well as very well detailed investigations with an extremely serious work. You will discover high quality articles on UFOs or on their techniques and many other very interesting subjects. Ovnis-Expert respects a code of ethics and offers files that have been verified in a very professional manner.


Official Website

Ovni-Paranormal is an excellent blog created by a passionate of ufology, Mr Christian Macé. You will find articles on the UFO phenomenon, but also many cases of paranormal phenomena that will keep you in front of your computer for hours.


Official Website

Garpan is a Quebec site dedicated to ufology, and this, in a very serious way, in addition to offering training in ufology and working in the field. You can also find on their sites testimonies from France and Quebec. So if one day you have to witness a UFO sighting or other, advise Garpan who will keep it confidential.



Zone-Ovni offers you the centralization of information on the mystery of UFOs and extraterrestrials, which they draw from the best sites of UFOs and the paranormal by partnership. You will find there articles of great quality on very varied subjects for example Nibiru, the annunakis, the illuminatis and much more.

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