7 English-speaking sites of revelation and conspiracy theory like Disclose.tv

If you are fluent in the language of Shakespeare and interested in conspiracy theories and unexplained phenomenaIf you're looking for a new website, you'll love our list of sites like Disclose.tv. Disclose.tv is a news site that will surprise you in many ways.

Most of the issues dealt with by Disclose.tv are almost always ignored by the mainstream media. Conspiracy theory, some would say, others would say that they are doing authentic resistance work. Whatever the subject, Disclose.tv is sure to captivate you.

You will find a large number of categories of files, videos as well as documentaries on really captivating subjects. In short, Disclose.tv is simply revelations of secrets hidden for a very long time, declassified secret files, decoded mysteries, extraterrestrial revelation files as well as many other equally fascinating fields.

You can enjoy Disclose.tv on their web page, but also on the social networks like FacebookTwitter and others. Also, we have found some excellent alternatives to satisfy your thirst of curiosity and make you enjoy sites that will touch many subjects. Such as scientific anomalies, world power, conspiracy theory, governments, ufology, and much more.

Go visit our list of unexplained phenomenon sites such as Disclose.tv, you will surely make great discoveries.

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It would be absolutely impossible to make a list of the best disclosure and revelation sites like Disclose.tv without adding InfoWars to it. Alex Jones has become over the years one of the most recognized American figures. Since the last election, the major TV networks, via their late night shows, have a lot of fun denigrating him.

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This is often what happens when someone stands up and reveals what others are not allowed to do. In short, no one holds the absolute truth, but let's just say that Alex Jones and his team, will surely make you react on the world power and the conspiracy theory in general.


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Alex Jones has another site similar to InfoWars and although you will often find the same content there, they are still run by different people and so you can also find some very good reports there. So we invite you to visit PrisonPlanet where you can also tune into the Alex Jones Radio Show and see the news from a completely different perspective.

The Above Top Secret

Official Website

The Above Top Secret is certainly one of the oldest and most recognized free press sites that reveals files that the mainstream media won't touch. Just like Disclose.tv, The Above Top Secret offers you a wide range of documentary videos, various files for example, conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial revelation, etc.

So if you like various information disclosure sites, you'll enjoy discovering The Above Top Secret.

Conspiracy Archive

Official Website

Conspiracy Archive is an excellent alternative to Disclose.tv. Here you will find files on a wide range of topics such as the global elite, secret societies, freemasonry, and much more. So if you're wondering what the Bilderbergs are up to or what rituals are practiced by some of our top leaders at the famous Bohemian Grove, Conspiracy Archive is here for you.

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The Truth Seeker

Official Website

As its name suggests, The Truth Seeker is constantly in search of the truth. Like Disclose.tv, and very similar to InfoWars, The Truth Seeker will offer you a wide range of quality articles from a wide range of categories.

You will discover categories such as false flag attacks, the new world order, crop circles, mass immigration, the dangers of vaccination and many other varied subjects. The Truth Seeker is also one of those web legends that have stood the test of time and are still relevant today.

Paranoia The Conspiracy Reader

Official Website

Another great alternative to Disclose.tv, Paranoia The Conspiracy Reader will provide you with a great read. With many topics such as time travel, mind control, UFOs, or secret governments, Paranoia The Conspiracy Reader will keep you enthralled for hours. So go and visit it, it will surely be a lot of fun.


Official Website

Last but not least, WorldTruth.TV may become one of your favorite web sites. You'll find an excellent selection of diverse categories filled with high quality news articles. From Chemtrails, to extraterrestrial evidence, to CNN's Fake News, to North Korea, WorldTruth.TV is sure to make for some great reading.

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