11 Best sites on forbidden archaeology

What we know about our history, or at least what is still taught in the major universities, is increasingly disputed in the scientific community. According to the approved teaching, the relatively evolved human being would have appeared in Sumeria (today's Iraq) for only about 6000 years. But now there is a lot of very strong evidence that challenges all the history books as we know them.

Who were these great builders who cut, lifted, and brought the largest monoliths over kilometers and then nested them in each other like a puzzle without even a sheet of paper being able to pass between the stones. The forbidden archaeology or the censored archaeology are not questioned any more today. The archaeologists in general are financed by the biggest universities and obviously, they do not wish to upset the established beliefs.

So artifacts that are too upsetting for them rarely end up in the display case of a recognized museum. This, of course, will prevent them from admitting that they have always been mistaken with a wrong teaching. Many discoveries have challenged traditional archaeology in the last decades, to such an extent that it becomes very difficult to explain them, unless one admits the existence of highly evolved civilization in a much more distant past than the famous 6000 years currently recognized.

So SiteComme has done a good job of researching and finding the best mystery archaeology sites for you to discover these disturbing anomalies of history, with sites that will keep you watching for hours.

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Unable to keep quiet

Official Website

If there is a site that is really worth discovering, it is certainly Incapable de se taire, indeed our friend Pierre de Châtillon does not go through four paths to get straight to the point. Pierre is a great researcher and his work on forbidden archaeology will not fail to fascinate you. A great specialist in giant sleepers, Pierre will take you directly into the world of the ancients, where the important sites were located and also how they lived.

Unable to keep quiet is a site where all the truth is good to say, so go and visit it and even if you do not always agree with all the subjects, take the time to analyze its research you will surely not regret it.

The Lost Knowledge of the Ancients

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Discover the ancient worlds with The Lost Knowledge of the Ancients, this site of forbidden archaeology is one of the oldest on the web. You will find very complete and fascinating files on ancient civilizations, on history, but also on ufology and more. The Lost Knowledge of the Ancients is a site of archaeological discovery that has always known how to update itself and you will find very interesting articles.


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Simply fascinating, Kronos will transport you to another time. With many files on mysterious archaeology, from Atlantis to Ancient Rome, Tihuanaco and Ancient Egypt, Kronos will keep you in front of your computer screen or tablet for a long time.

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Free Wise Man

Official Website

Free Wise Man is an excellent site where you can discover a large selection of articles on hidden archaeology, but also sure of many various files such as extraterrestrials, the Illuminati, Freemasonry and much more. Their file on forbidden archaeology is very well illustrated and contains very interesting videos.

Eel under rock

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Even if Anguille sous roche is not specialized in forbidden archaeology, Anguille sous roche will offer you an excellent choice of mysterious archaeological discoveries. Whether it's a new discovery of an ancient city or a Viking sword, they will not leave you indifferent. With a large choice of interesting categories, you will have a great time discovering.

In Mysteriam

Official Website

Ancient civilizations and their mysterious heritage, that's what you will have great pleasure in discovering on the In Mysteriam website. This excellent site of forbidden archaeology offers you a very varied choice of very interesting articles.

In Mysteriam also offers you a wide range of categories such as history puzzles, archives and press clippings as well as numerous documents and videos. So if you don't know In Mysteriam and you are fascinated by ancient civilizations, you will definitely like it.

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S.F.H is a site where you will find a great choice of articles about new archaeological discoveries. You will know the truth about the civilizations known as embarrassing, because too different from us, as for example the culture Turdas Vincas and much more.

S.F.H is a site of mysterious archaeology which by its seriousness deserves to be known. Many very complete and detailed articles as well as many files and videos are waiting for you on this excellent site of forbidden archaeology.

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The New Paradigm

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The New Paradigm offers a new vision of an Old World that, we can no longer deny, existed before us. With several strong categories, the New Paradigm will certainly please you. Very well documented their articles on forbidden or censored archaeology will not fail to make you aware of what really happened in a relatively distant time.

 Merlin's Blog

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Absolutely a site to discover, Merlin's Blog will transport you all over the planet while giving you the opportunity to see the fruits of their research. Go visit Machu Picchu, or discover the sacred geometry of the Giza plateau and much more. So if you are fascinated by the passage of the earth, you can not ignore this excellent site of forbidden archaeology.


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With a very large choice of categories, Artivision offers you high quality articles. Whether it is on the monoliths of Baalbek with a mass of approximately 1200 tons or on the incomparable wall of Sacsahuayman in Peru, you will make surprising discoveries.

The New World Order

Official Website

While you can find a wide range of categories, the New World Order has an excellent selection of really interesting articles on censored archaeology. From the mysteries of Atlantis to the mysterious Nazca lines in Peru, you'll find some really interesting reading.


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