7 News sites like Sputnik

If you want to be well informed and want information without manipulation, you will surely like to visit press sites like Sputnik News. Sputnik always reveals what the other media do not talk about.

With multimedia centers in several countries, Sputnik offers high quality international news as well as economic and other information go to happens on the planet.
Whether it's the refugee crisis in Europe, North Korean tensions or the Syrian conflict, you can be sure that Sputnik will provide you with accurate and detailed information.

In order to know everything about the news of the hour, SiteAs has done a good job of researching and finding you some great alternatives to Sputnik News. Take a few minutes of your time to visit our list of free press sites below, we're sure you'll enjoy discovering them.

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The Saker Francophone

Official Website

The Saker Francophone is a group of citizens and writers that you are sure to enjoy. You will discover a large selection of very interesting articles on everything that is happening in the world and on geopolitics in general. With writers such as Pepe Escobar or Brandon Smith to name a few, we are sure you will enjoy this excellent site similar to Sputnik.

Stop on Info

Official Website
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Another excellent alternative to SputnikArrêt sur Info offers a lot of high quality information. You will find many files on international news, politics, as well as on society in general. Arrêt sur Info is a free look at the news that will take you by surprise and offer you another view of the world.

International Network

Official Website

If you are one of those who seek the truth or whatever, you owe it to yourself to know about Réseau International. Just like SputnikYou will find many files on current events, whether on terrorism, geopolitics, or the world economy. Réseau International is one of the best international free press sites that will offer you a different vision of the mass media.

Voltaire Network

Official Website

Created by the French intellectual Thierry MeyssanVoltaire Network International is a non-aligned press network that is full of high quality articles. With very good analyses, Voltaire Network will be able to offer you a geopolitical worldview that is really different from what the mass media could offer you.

So if you want to know everything about the conflicts in the East or about American politics, you will surely like this excellent alternative to Sputnik News.

Alter Info

Official Website

With a very large choice of various categories, Alter Info is also part of the alternatives to Sputnik that deserves to be taken into consideration. You will discover very interesting articles on subjects such as health, justice, science and a lot of geopolitics. So to know everything about the alternative information, Alter Info is without a doubt a free press site that should be visited.

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Planets 360

Official Website

Just like SputnikPlanet 360 is one of the excellent international free press sites that deserves its place in this list. With a large selection of articles as well as an excellent follow-up of the hot issues of the planet, Planètes 360 will make you spend great moments of reading as well as video viewing.

Mr. Globalization

Official Website

Mr. Globalization is an independent media filled with very interesting articles that will make you see the world in a different way. Environmental and social problems are highlighted and you will have the chance to discover articles full of solutions to allow this little blue planet to breathe better.

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