10 Sites like National Geographic

If you like good reporting as well as looking at some of the world's most beautiful photos, the National Geographic magazine website is truly a must-see. With its excellent worldwide reputation, National Geographic has stood the test of time and still remains a must-read magazine.

National Geographic brings you high quality reports on various subjects that touch on man, nature and the most beautiful places on earth. National Geographic is offered to you for less than 1 dollar a month, which is really good considering the quality of this excellent magazine. You will find beautiful nature pictures as well as beautiful pictures of the planet and its inhabitants that will surely make you dream.

Also, although National Geographic is an excellent magazine, there are very good alternatives that will impress you with the quality of their reports as well as many beautiful photos. So after a good research, we have selected a list of the best sites like National Geographic that we hope will fascinate you as much as we do.

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PopulationData is a must-see website if you are interested in the world population and the planet in general. Very well documented, this excellent website will answer all your questions, whether it is about the most spoken languages in the world, life expectancy, the biggest cities in the world and much more. You will find excellent articles on various interesting subjects, so go and visit it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Notre-Planète is a great alternative to National Geographic, you will find great reports and some of the most beautiful pictures on the web. Whether it's a lunar eclipse, a tornado, an earthquake or the most beautiful landscapes, Our Planet will satisfy even the most difficult of you.

The World

Official Website

Le Monde is also an excellent magazine like National Geographic. With many categories of articles offered, from politics to international to science or society among others. Take advantage of this excellent news site to get well informed on major world events in general.

Most Beautiful Picture

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As its name suggests, Most Beautiful Picture offers you absolutely beautiful photos. Similar to National Geographic, you will discover the most beautiful pictures of the animal world and nature. Completely dedicated to professional photography, Most Beautiful Picture is a site that you should really visit and bookmark.

Dark Roasted Blend

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Dark Roasted Blend is an absolutely fascinating website, you'll find a huge selection of the most beautiful strange images as well as quite stunning photos. From optical illusion photos, to unbelievable accident photos and a whole range of images all of great beauty. Go discover Dark Roasted Blend right now and enjoy their excellent selection of images and photos.


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JPG is a site for those who love beautiful images and the most beautiful photos, you will find very beautiful collections of photos accompanied by an article that will make you appreciate even more the photos presented. Why not take the opportunity to send your own masterpieces of photography, who knows, maybe you will be selected for a photo contest.

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Outdoor Photographer

Official Website

Just like National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer offers articles accompanied by superb photographs of nature and the animal world. This excellent photo site will interest the amateur or professional photographer as much as the nature lover in general.

You will also find a category that will give you a lot of information about outdoor photography equipment, photo contests and beautiful photo galleries.


Official Website

Smithsonian is without a doubt an excellent alternative to National Geographic. With very interesting articles, accompanied by superb photographs, which often deserve to be ranked among the most beautiful photos of the world. Go take advantage of their photo contests or simply go discover the many quality articles in categories such as history, science, travel, exploration and much more.


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Wired is a very complete website that offers a very nice platform, just like National Geographic, Wired offers very interesting article categories. You will find video, photo, science, business culture and more. Take advantage of this excellent news site to spend some great visual moments.


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Surface is a website that will surprise you with the quality of its articles and the beauty of the photos used. You will discover a category of guide for the big cities of the world as well as a coverage of very interesting events everywhere on the planet and much more. Go visit this excellent site like National Geographic, you will have a great time.

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