11 Best aeronautics websites

One thing is sure, aeronautics has fascinated man since the beginning of aviation history. Who hasn't dreamed in his youth of becoming an airline pilot or a bush pilot? Of course, not all of us have become an aeronautical engineer or a military aircraft pilot, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to follow this fascinating world.

The history of aviation and its evolution is one of man's greatest achievements, so we have every reason to be proud of it. Whether you want to learn about aviation, become an aviation mechanic, a pilot or simply because you are fascinated by aviation, we are sure you will enjoy our list of the best aviation websites.

We have selected for you sites that will offer you the best of aviation news, but also sites more specialized on legendary aircrafts as well as all types of helicopters and others. Go and enjoy our list of aviation sites and we wish you as much pleasure as we had discovering them.

The legendary aircrafts

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If you are interested in the history of aviation, Les Avions de légende will surely please you. You will find all the planes that were part of the Great Wars and their evolution over time. Whether we are talking about fighters, bombers, seaplanes or others, you will absolutely discover all these legends with a lot of pictures and information.

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With a category on aerial anecdotes or on captured planes, Les Avions de légende will keep you on their site for hours.

Aviation Journal

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Le Journal de L'aviation is an excellent site that will allow you to follow the aeronautical news in general. You will find categories such as Defense, Air Transport, Industry as well as subcategories full of useful information. So if aviation fascinates you, Le Journal de L'aviation is one of the great aviation sites to bookmark.


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If you want to know everything about aeronautical news, the history of aeronautics and airlines, AeroWeb is a site that you must visit. With a large choice of photos and videos of planes and helicopters in action, AeroWeb will make you spend beautiful visual moments. You can also take advantage of their forum, and of an excellent choice of technical data sheets.


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Certainly one of the best websites on the fascinating world of helicopters, HelicoPassion offers high quality photos and professional information for all civil and military helicopter enthusiasts. While browsing HelicoPassion you will discover old models to new technologies. Go and visit us, we are sure you will come back regularly.


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Another comprehensive site, Airliners offers a huge selection of quality photos and information on hundreds of aircraft models, helicopters, cargo planes and many more. From aviation news to air accidents, Airliners will offer you all the latest information. You can also take advantage of their lively forum as well as their database of hundreds of airplane and helicopter models.

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Fire Aviation

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Aviation has been an indispensable aid in the fight against forest fires for several years now. We can only congratulate and thank these professional pilots who perform absolutely spectacular feats, whether it is scooping water from a lake or flying very low in clouds of smoke.

If you are a fan of aviation in general, you will surely like Fire Aviation which will make you discover this lesser known part of aviation which deserves to be recognized. You will find some of the most interesting articles and spectacular photos.


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Flying is a website for all aviation enthusiasts, but also a very complete aviation magazine. You will discover excellent videos and very interesting articles. You will also find many piloting tips as well as photos and many technical details on hundreds of aircraft models.


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Another great aviation website, Airways offers you aviation news on all the major international airlines, international airports and much more. Airways also has its own aviation magazine that will give you all the latest news about the big players in aviation around the world.

Aviation Week

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With Aviation Week, you will have all the information about the world aviation industry, defense, technology and much more. You will enjoy many quality articles on new drones, new aviation technology and much more.

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The Aviation Geek Club

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Certainly one of the best aviation sites, The Aviation Geek Club will make you have a great time with their high quality articles. From the new technology American stealth aircraft, to the Chinese SU30 fighter aircraft and the famous Russian-made Su-35, The Aviation Geek Club is one of the best sites to keep in your favorites.


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You don't have to be an airline pilot or aviation engineer to enjoy FlightGlobal. However, if you enjoy aviation news or are looking for an aviation job, FlightGlobal is a great option that will definitely help you.



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