The best online stock market and finance sites

Whether you want to learn the basics of the stock market, keep track of your investments on the markets or try to build a well-filled portfolio, there are some great tools on the web.

Today, SiteAs has done a research work in order to find you the best websites of online stock exchange, and we are convinced that they will surely not leave you indifferent. Take advantage of our list below to improve your knowledge of the money market and at the same time help you grow your wallet. 


Official Website

Etoro is an excellent site for managing your stock basket. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, etoro will be able to guide you and help you in your choice. You can follow all the current stock market prices.

My Personal Finances

Official Website

I love to go and recharge my batteries on this site. There are many motivating texts that are often thought-provoking. Filled with useful strategies and advice, you will leave this site with a light heart and the desire to seriously move forward in your projects. Go there now and we guarantee you will have a great time reading.

Stock Charts

Official Website

This unilingual English site is an indispensable tool for all those who like to study charts. For day trading, from medium to long term, buying or selling will become much easier. You can insert moving averages and indicators that will help you to follow the stock market.

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Yahoo Finance

Official Website

Yahoo finance is a very good site to follow the stock market. With Yahoo Finance you can create your portfolio after registering for free and follow the stock market online with very interesting charts that you can modify to your taste. The only small drawback is that it is only unilingual English.

Morning Star

Official Website

This bilingual site will help you a lot with your future buying decisions. Very detailed and rich in information on the financial markets. It has a very complete and easy to use interface. Take a few minutes and visit it, you will find some very interesting tools.

TMX Silver

Official Website is the website of the Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges. This site allows you to get up-to-date market information for the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and TSX. After registering for free you will have access to portfolio and alerts that will be very useful for your future investments. is also a must for these research tools whether for mutual funds or stocks. You will also find a glossary of stock market terms and many other indispensable tools.

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