8 Best sites on unexplained phenomena

Whether it's the Bermuda Triangle, the huge round holes that appear all over the planet, paranormal phenomena, or crop circles, we can affirm without a shadow of a doubt that unexplained strange phenomena do exist.

Strange or paranormal phenomena have intrigued mankind since the beginning of time. Although we can have doubts about the veracity of certain facts, we must face the fact that we cannot explain everything.

The haunted places, the exorcisms, the puzzles of the story or premonitions are some of the many subjects that are treated on the sites that we have selected for you in this list of the best sites on unexplained phenomena.

Although scientifically unexplainable, many paranormal events cannot be ignored. Many supernatural or simply strange phenomena have been recorded on video, either by surveillance cameras or by a smart phone. So a manifestation that cannot be explained rationally, but has been seen by several sane people, deserves to be investigated.

So after many searches on the web to find the best unexplained websites, we came up with this list that we are really proud of. We invite you to visit the websites on unexplained phenomena of this list, because we are sure that you will have a great time.

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Journal of the Paranormal

Official Website

Journal du paranormal is one of the websites of the unexplained phenomenon that really deserves to be discovered, you will find many files all as fascinating as the others. You will find files on mysterious places, spirits and ghosts, but also on the paranormal and UFOs.

In addition, Paranormal Journal will offer you articles on recent events such as the truth about the Fukushima nuclear accident or the enigma of the crash of Korean Airlines flight 007, to name a few.

Paranormal News

Official Website

Another very interesting website to discover, Info Paranormal will make you spend some very good moments of reading. Very diversified, Info Paranormal offers many interesting articles in different categories such as the world of the strange, the unexplained phenomenathe mysteries of the past and others. You will also find superb photos that will make the most skeptical of skeptics react.

Ghost Train

Official Website

Ghost Train was created by paranormal phenomena enthusiasts who themselves have had supernatural experiences in their past. Their goals are simply to bring you facts with as much evidence as possible on various subjects. Their goal is to draw your attention to the unseen world, and with all the excellent articles published on their pages, we can say that it is successful.


Official Website

With articles on the Bermuda triangle, extraterrestrial phenomena, reincarnation, spirits or even near death experiences, Paranormal-Info will captivate you for hours. Paranormal-Info offers a very large choice of video and images in addition to their many quality articles. So as their slogan says, go visit a world *between reality and fiction with Paranormal-info.

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Unexplained in debate

Official Website

Listening to a documentary on unexplained strange phenomena or reading high quality articles is what you can do by going to the Inexplained in debate web page. You will find very interesting categories on different subjects such as, ancient Egypt, the theory of silence, the afterlife, astronomy and much more. Don't be shy and go visit this excellent unexplained phenomenon site.

Paranormal Press

Official Website

Another paranormal site that deserves our attention, Paranormal Press offers a great deal of video on unexplained strange phenomena as well as quality articles. From spiritualism to haunted places to mysterious formations discovered on Mars, Paranormal Press will give you a great time with excellent reports on strange phenomena and much more.


Official Website

Dinosoria is a site about the enigmas of our history as well as about the appearance of the man, which is not yet elucidated. You will find many articles from antiquity to the Middle Ages as well as on religions, science, and many other subjects, all as fascinating as the others. So go and visit Dinosoria, you will learn a lot about unexplained phenomena and our history.

The Unexplained Files of Joslan F. Keller

Official Website

Last but not least, The Unexplained Files by Joslan F. Keller is sure to captivate you. You will discover strange and authentic stories that resist any logical explanation. The supernatural, the strange and the unusual are treated in a remarkable way.

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With a very user-friendly interface and quality articles often accompanied by video, Joslan F. Keller's Unexplained Files is a website of unexplained phenomena that must be visited.

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