9 Best sites on gems & minerals

Collecting stones and minerals can be both fascinating and rewarding. Over time, your mineral collection can lead to some very interesting trades. In addition, there are now hundreds of mineralogy and prospecting clubs that can help you visit mines, quarries or places where the chances of finding gems are increased.

A passion for rocks and minerals can take you to places you never thought you would go before. One thing is for sure, whenever you go to a new place, you will always try to find a quarry or the possibility of finding your next treasure there.

The web sites we have found for you will provide you with a lot of information on the formation of minerals, the composition of minerals, their characteristics and much more. We have also chosen sites where you can buy, sell or trade. Take advantage of our excellent list of web sites on stones and crystals to buy minerals or to deepen your knowledge in mineralogy, so we wish you a very nice discovery.

At Minéraux du Monde

Official Website

With a very user-friendly interface, Aux Minéraux du Monde will bring you specialized categories such as Benefits of minerals, History of minerals as well as beautiful photo galleries. So if you like natural stones you will certainly like Aux Minéraux du Monde.

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1001 Minerals

Official Website

1001 Minéraux is a mineral and fossil store that offers a delivery service in more than fifteen countries including Canada. You will find a great choice of cheap minerals, amethyst jewelry, stone bracelet and much more.

Workshop La Trouvaille

Official Website

As any work or hobby requires basic equipment, Atelier la Trouvaille is one of the best professional sites to find the best mining tools online. Whether it is for geology, gemology or even lithotherapy, Atelier la Trouvaille will offer you a vast choice of specialized equipment.

Carion Minerals

Official Website

Another excellent French site, Carion Minéraux also offers a huge choice of stones, minerals as well as fossils and ambers with insects that you will surely like. You will also find beautiful pictures and very good descriptions of the minerals.

The Minerals & Gemstone Kingdom

Official Website

The Minerals & Gemstone Kingdom is without a doubt one of the best websites on mineralogy. The Minerals & Gemstone Kingdom is a great place to learn about natural stones, minerals and gemology. One of the websites where you will have the chance to learn a lot, whether it is about natural stones, minerals or gemology.


Official Website

Geology is another excellent site on prospecting and mineralogy in general. Very complete, Geology will bring you a lot of information whether it is for the choice of your tools, the formation of minerals or on the prospecting of gold. You will also find maps of all the American states, files on volcanoes, and much more.

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Stone Art Traders

Official Website

Stone Art Traders is a jewelry and mineral store worth discovering. You will find an excellent selection of cheap gemstones as well as many minerals, stone bracelets and many other items that will enhance your crystal collection.

Wilensky Fine Minerals

Official Website

Wilensky Fine Minerals offers a beautiful mineral website. Stuart and Donna Wilensky's love affair with minerals began over 25 years ago. They offer an excellent selection of high quality and beautiful mineral mounts. To learn more, we invite you to visit their website filled with beautiful pictures.

Fabre Minerals

Official Website

Since 1971, Fabre Minerals has been offering a huge selection of high quality rough gemstones and minerals. You will find minerals from all over the world, with beautiful pictures and detailed description of each stone. So go and visit us, you can buy some absolutely unique crystals.

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