5 Movie & series sites like Allociné

If you are a fan of good movies and TV series, you will surely enjoy visiting our list of movie sites like Allociné here below. Allociné offers many movie trailers and you will also find all the movies on the box-office, the movies that are playing and most of all, you will be able to enjoy an excellent ranking of movies and TV series.

What's great about Allociné is that you can also take advantage of excellent press reviews, as well as audience reviews. So if you want to have a good idea about some of the movies you want to see in theaters, Allociné is the perfect place to help you make an informed choice.

We have also done some research in order to find alternatives to Allociné for even more diversity and, by the same token, to satisfy the cinephile in you. So we invite you to visit the list of movie sites below, and we wish you good cinema!

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If you want to know everything about the releases of the week or discover which are the best vampire movies, Vodkaster is a site like Allociné that you absolutely must bookmark. With a very user-friendly interface, Vodkaster will charm you from your first visit. With categories such as TV series or news, Vodkaster will convince you of their seriousness.


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Another site similar to Allociné that will please you is SensCritique. You will find a lot of recommendations as well as very detailed information about all the movies and series that might interest you. SensCritique also offers a game category as well as book, comic book and music categories. So if you want to know everything about your favorite subjects, SensCritique is a site to see and to discover.



MoreMoviesLike is a great English-speaking movie site that deserves a place in this movie list like Allociné. MoreMoviesLike is perfect for finding movies or series like the ones you just finished. Although MoreMoviesLike is only English speaking, you will have no trouble finding your way around because this website is very visual.

Just enter the name of your favorite movie in the search bar and you will be offered alternatives of the same kind. Or you can also push the #surprise me # button to find something new to enjoy. Also, if the movie you are looking for is not on the site, you can click on # Suggest a movie # and send your idea.

Each page will give you a short and precise information about the film and recommendations. The built-in link will save you a lot of time so you won't have to search for it yourself. Also take the opportunity to sign up for their email list which will offer you new and updated movie lists.

Les Inrocks

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If you want to know everything about new TV series and movies, Les Inrocks is a news magazine that deserves to be recognized. Filled with very interesting information, this site like Allociné will keep you in front of your keyboard for a long time.

So whether you want to know more about upcoming movie releases, new music releases or new books in bookstores, Les Inrocks is a site to visit and to keep as a favorite.


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Another excellent alternative to Allociné, Cinémur will surprise you with its simple and efficient interface. You will find movie reviews, trailers, as well as a lot of information about your favorite movies and series. You can also download their application which will be very useful later on.

Moreover, depending on your preferences, they will offer you similar alternatives. So, take advantage of Cinémur now, we guarantee you will make great discoveries.

If you liked our selection of movie & series sites like Allociné and you think we missed some, we invite you to send us your comments. And on his last words, we only have to wish you very good viewing with the help of his excellent alternatives to Allociné.

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