6 Movie Streaming Sites like Crackle

Aren't you tired of paying monthly subscriptions to be able to stream your favorite TV shows? If the answer is yes, then Crackle is the perfect site for you. Crackle allows you to stream all the content you can find on paid sites, but absolutely free.

Yes, you read that right, you can watch movies online with any device, anywhere, anytime. Crackle is a fun site that allows you to watch whatever you want without any limits, and it's absolutely free.
But Crackle is not the only option, and when it comes to streaming movies online.

There are many sites similar to Crackle. So to make your search easier, we have created a great list of alternatives to Crackle. So stop paying for subscriptions and go satisfy your desires for free with sites that will surely meet your needs.


At the top of the list of sites like Crackle, we have Popcornflix. This is one of the best movie sites, always free, always available and compatible with all your devices. They also have many TV series, as well as all the new movies and movie catalogs you can find online. Without a doubt, Popcornflix is the best site like Crackle, you will love it instantly.


MovieWatcher is one of the best sites to stream movies and TV series for free, it is also a very similar site to Crackle. MovieWatcher works a little differently than the sites mentioned before. You can stream movies and series, but they are shared directly by people so you have to choose the format and the person who shares it.

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All those who share can be rated as good or bad, which will help you make a good choice, and save you a lot of time. You'll need to register in order to start streaming or downloading content. MovieWatcher is definitely a great alternative to Crackle.


Another great site for watching movies online is CoolMovieZone. There you can even find new releases that are still in theaters, with a simple click. You'll also need to create an account, like pretty much all sites similar to Popcornflix and Crackle, but it's just a simple little form. But then you'll find yourself with a bowl of popcorn in hand watching a great movie.

CoolMovieZone is also compatible with almost any device, so all you need is Wi-Fi and you can start watching your favorite movies. They don't have any TV series, but with the large amount of movies available with CoolMovieZone, you'll be able to spend many a comfortable evening in front of your device.



In this list of sites like Crackle, we couldn't leave Hotstar out. This site offers a great selection of free online movies, TV shows, and even sporting events. Available in 8 languages, Hotstar will be able to make many people's lives easier. So whether you want to watch the next Formula 1 race or listen to the latest season of The Game of Thrones.

Moreover, you can download their app for Android or even iOS, which will allow you to stream movies on all your devices. So, don't wait any longer and go watch your favorite movies on this excellent alternative to Crackle.

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Movie25 is also another movie site similar to Crackle. Movie25 shares a large number of movies offered by several online hosts, you can't see any rating, but you can see how many times the download has taken place. So, it allows you to have a very good idea of the quality of it.

After registering for free you can access their huge catalog of movies. So go visit Movie25 now and get out the chips and cold beer.



At the end of our good list of sites like CrackleWe have Vumoo. They have a huge catalog of movies and TV series that will keep you busy for days and days during the long winter months. New blockbusters are waiting for you as soon as you create your deposit. Without a doubt, Vumoo is one of the best movie sites available on the web for streaming TV series or movies.

Can't wait for Wonder Woman to be available on streaming? Well don't wait any longer, Vumoo is here for you and it's only a few clicks away.

As you can see, you don't have to pay any subscription fees to have a great time watching movies online and TV series. So, enjoy our list of movie streaming sites similar to Crackle right now and we wish you a great time.

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