7 Best French streaming sites like Libertyland

If you are looking for good streaming sites like Libertyland you will surely appreciate our list below. Indeed, we have taken great care to select the best streaming sites like Libertyland.

One of the references in the world of French streaming, Libertyland is one of the oldest and most recognized of all. You will find categories like libertyland ebook, libertyland music or even for movies, manga or TV series.

Libertyland also offers a simple and user-friendly interface that will make your searches easier, allowing you to have more viewing time and less time wasted searching. So for even more choices of movies, series as well as various categories, we suggest you take some time and visit our Free Movie Streaming list below.

You can also visit the list of the best streaming sites.

Prime Video

Official Website

Amazon's streaming service is free if you have amazon prime. You can find thousands of famous movies and series. There are exclusives created by Prime Video like Jack Ryan or The Boys. There are new releases every month like South Park recently. You can watch everything in HD 4 k, French or VOSTFR.

Full Stream

With a lot of good quality novelties, Full Stream is a site very similar to Libertyland that will satisfy you for sure. You will find enough of all your favorite TV series like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or even new series like 13 Reasons Why. So, go and enjoy Full Stream for a great choice of online streaming.

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Another great alternative to Libertyland,  Wawacity is also one of the most recognized in streaming. Whether you are looking for software, manga, movies or a particular ebook, Wawacity will surely help you find what you are looking for.

Zone streaming

Another excellent streaming site like Wawacity or Libertyland, Fullmoviz will offer you a great choice of French movies and TV series like Suits, Game of Thrones and many others. Register for free and enjoy their forum for a good time in the company of people as passionate as you, to share your comments on your latest discoveries.

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PapyStreaming offers an excellent selection of movies, cartoons and TV series that will keep you in front of your screen for an eternity, and eternity is very long, especially towards the end! In short, with the help of the Cacaoweb software that you can download for free, you will be able to watch anything you want, and this, without any advertising.


Among the best alternatives to Libertyland is Torrent9. You can find absolutely everything there. Whether it's for console games, ebooks, software, music or even for movies and TV series. Very simple to use, Torrent9 will allow you to find what you want very easily and very quickly with very good quality videos.


StreamComplet is a movie streaming site that offers more than 5,800 movies in French version. So if you are looking for a good alternative to Libertyland for a wider choice of movies, StreamComplet will surely meet all your needs.

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Last but not least, Planet-Streaming is one of the best sites like Libertyland that you must discover. With a superb interface as well as a very large choice of movies and TV series, Planet-Streaming will surely convince you of their seriousness. You will be able to register for free and enjoy them at will.

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