8 Best download sites like T411

T411, the pioneer of online sharing, is a French torrent site that needs no introduction. This large and active community offers a phenomenal amount of files of all kinds. The principle is very simple, you are asked to respect an exchange ratio, so you send a file and you can download one of the same size.

This peer-to-peer principle is the standard way in the world of online downloading. With a very simple to understand interface, you will have a lot of fun with T411 and their lively forum and online chat.

Although T411 is a model of its kind, the world of online torrenting is not limited to them. SiteComme has found you some great French torrent sites, so scroll down this page and discover this great community. You can also consult the list of best download sites.

* Please note that T411 is no longer available.


Who better than t411 to take over t411?
The first French-speaking torrent platform has risen from its ashes, thanks to the community that has taken up the torch and offered t411 a new start.
The new team took the opportunity to make some rather interesting changes: optimized ergonomics, removal of the ratio, removal of intrusive ads, etc.
The most important thing: In order not to make the same mistakes again and not risk losing the database, the site now works without a tracker which allows them to avoid losing the files in case of a possible site closure. Do not hesitate to visit the site, the content comes back very quickly!


This French torrent site is really an excellent alternative to T411. Its huge database will keep you in front of your computer for a long time. This well known site offers you absolutely everything. From music to the latest season of your favorite series, as well as ebooks and much more. Go ahead and pay a visit and sign up for free.

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Formerly known as Ultimate Torrent, Next Torrent will impress you with a very large choice of quality. This site like Cpasbien and T411 is one of the most visited French torrent sites. Filled with software and games you will find absolutely what you are looking for. You will make great discoveries, go and visit it, you will not regret it.

Torrent link

Very similar to T411, Lien Torrent is a French warez site that has taken its place in the Torrent field. You will find an excellent choice of files, which are very well detailed, so that you will avoid unnecessary downloading. From TV series to xxx movies, you will find everything. With its user-friendly interface, Lien Torrent deserves to be known, if you want to share your files or download them.

OMG Torrent

OMG Torrent is another excellent alternative to T411. This French torrent site offers you a platform that is both very easy to use and full of files of all kinds. This warez site offers you files that are often hard to find and therefore makes it a site of choice. Very well detailed, OMG Torrent is a French torrent site that will not leave you indifferent.

Torrent zone


If you are looking for another site like T411, Zone Torrent will surely please you. This free torrent sharing site is full of various file choices. You will find among others, many movies in original version, with excellent quality subtitles, and very good documentaries.

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If you are looking for a particular file, their quick search engine will save you precious time. In short, Zone Torrent is a very lively site of choice, and deserves its place in this great community.


Another very good French torrent site like T411, Torrent9 will please you with its user-friendly interface. Formerly known as Smart Torrent, this French torrent site is one of the most popular online. You will find many recent files as well as an excellent choice of classics.



With its huge choice of movies, and music, Mega Torrent is certainly a site like T411 that will not leave you hungry for more. This French torrent download site is a very good option if you want to listen to the latest seasons of your favorite series. Its easy to use interface will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

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