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In the not so distant past, buying a musical instrument meant getting out of your suburb and into the big city. Where the best musical instrument stores are located. Today we can say that this is a thing of the past. Musical instruments are available to everyone, and often the delivery fee does not exceed the cost of your trip.

SiteComme has done a great job of researching the best musical instrument stores in North America. In order to save you unnecessary research, we will specify the delivery locations of each of them. So go and discover the best instruments and studio accessories.


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zZounds is an excellent choice of musical instrument store, located in Oakland, New Jersey, with excellent delivery service, USA and Canada. You'll find a huge selection of guitars, drums, keyboards, and many other instruments.

zZounds also offers you many music accessories, and you will discover there all that is necessary for the studio recording. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, zZounds will serve you with great prices and excellent online service.

Musician's Friends

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Located in the United States, Musician's Friends offers international shipping and a huge selection of musical instruments. Musician's Friends is without a doubt one of the biggest and best online musical instrument stores. So, for you instrumentalist of this world, go and browse their sites and enjoy their incomparable prices.

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 Steve's Music  

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Born in Montreal in 1965, Steve's Music has demonstrated its love for musical instruments, while expanding in a well-orchestrated way over the years. This very large musical instrument store will provide you with absolutely everything you need.

Steve's Music offers a professional service, in store or online, as well as a delivery service anywhere in Canada with the possibility of delivery in the United States, after filling out a form.

Sam Ash

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Sam Ash has been one of the largest musical instrument stores in the United States since 1924. Located in major American cities, their 5 large music stores have pleased the great musicians of the world.

Visit their websites, and discover a huge selection of guitar accessories, brass instruments, percussion instruments and much more. They offer a delivery service throughout the United States and internationally, fill out their form, and they will tell you how to proceed.

L.A. Music 

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Located in Canada since 1978, L.A. Music offers a wide range of musical instruments, lighting systems and accessories of all kinds. With purchases of 199$ and more, get free shipping within Canada, and L.A. music also offers international shipping. This great musical instrument store is really worth a visit on their web page.

American Music Supply

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This very large online musical instrument store, as its name suggests, is located in the United States. You will have a great pleasure to discover a very large choice of guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and percussions.

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As well as a complete department of recording equipment, DJ equipment and lighting, and many other musical instruments. With an excellent delivery service in Canada and internationally, American Music Supply is definitely one of the best musical instrument stores to visit.


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One of the largest online musical instrument stores, Axe is also one of the most comprehensive. From lighting accessoriesYou will also find a wide range of music score books, karaoke, video and a huge choice of musical instruments. You will also find a wide selection of music score books. Delivery in Canada only. Come and discover the best online musical instrument stores, and take advantage of a very large choice of instruments and accessories.

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