7 Best free video editing applications

Whether it's for video editing, video retouching, or entertaining your friends with some fun video edits, it's safe to say that smartphone and tablet apps have evolved a lot in the last few years. Finding the perfect video editing software for your needs can be more complicated than it seems.

Indeed, we had to try several of them before we came up with very good free video editing software. Of course, one person's needs are not necessarily the same as another's, so we've selected some easy and different video editing software for you.

Take a moment to go and enjoy this list of the best free video editing applications and we guarantee you a lot of fun and great memories with friends and family.



With ViddyGram, sharing your videos on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube has never been so easy. Indeed, ViddyGram is one of the easiest mp4 video software to use. ViddyGram also offers the possibility to send your videos by email as an attachment and you will also be able to receive an email notification when your upload has been done correctly.

Video Editor With Movie Maker


Video Editor With Movie Maker is another great free video editing software that you will enjoy. You will find many video editing options such as fast or slow action of your video, nesting videos inside each other, adjusting or changing the sound of your video or cropping video recordings.

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One of the best free video editing applications, Pixgram is extremely easy to use and allows you to choose photos or videos that are already on your social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Stumble and others. You can then create montages and put the music of your choice on them.



One of the best free video editing software, Magisto will satisfy the most difficult of you. Whether it's for a video collage or for the most successful video effects, Magisto will quickly become your favorite video editing software.

Qik Free Video Editor


Qik Free Video editor is without a doubt one of the most complete and easy to use video editing software. This video editing application offers you a wide range of accessories to create video clips while choosing to integrate your favorite music and even texts.

You can edit photos or videos in HD 1080p or 720p quality that you can also share on your social networks. Moreover, Qik Free Video editor is also compatible with photos or videos taken with your Go pro.



PowerDirector is a free video editing application that also deserves to be on this list of the best. PowerDirector allows you to create video edits with many effects, for example, slow motion images, photo or video collages, crop your videos and much more. If you want a good video editing software, PowerDirector will surely please you.

Adobe Premiere Clip

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Another great free editing software, Adobe Premiere Clip will bring you a lot of fun to create fun and great quality videos. Very powerful and complete, Adobe Premiere Clip offers you a wide range of effects and accessories, but also a very impressive sound quality. With Adobe Premiere Clip, it will be very easy for you to share your video montages on social networks.

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