4 Best applications like Shazam

With applications like Shazam, listening to songs and knowing at the same time who sings them and where they can be downloaded will save you unnecessary searches. Shazam is without a doubt an excellent music recognition application, available for free on their website.

Available in several languages, Shazam is a music recognition application that is sure to please. Designed especially for music lovers, the fun is guaranteed. You will be able to discover the title of a song and see the lyrics of that song almost at the same time it is playing.

This music detector is available for everyone, whether you have an Apple watch, an Android cell phone or a laptop, in just a few minutes you can enjoy it. Also, SiteComme has found you some great alternatives to Shazam that will give you a guaranteed pleasure. Take advantage of this list of sites like Shazam below and enjoy your favorite music at all times.

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With Music Id, all songs have their own personalities. This application, like Shazam, will provide you with guaranteed fun. Just like Shazam, MusicID is an excellent music detector. You can also take notes on each song you will identify. Take the opportunity to visit Music Id.


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SoundHound is really a great application like Shazam, recognizing a song has never been so easy. You just have to sing it, even without words, and it will be detected immediately. So no more useless searches, just download their free application and have fun.

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Enjoy this free music recognition application like Shazam, and have fun with your favorite songs. In addition to finding the song you want, MusiXmatch offers you the lyrics of the chosen songs, which is really nice. This application like Shazam is sure to entertain you.


Another great product from Google, Sound Search is available for your Android and very easy to use. Take advantage of their application to recognize a song very quickly. Just like Shazam, you'll have guaranteed fun, you just have to press the button to see the name of the song, the artist and even the album.

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