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Nothing in this world is more important than health, so it is very important to take care of it. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to wait for hours in hospitals in order to get a doctor's opinion on something.

Of course, for important matters, the priority remains to consult a specialized health service for problems or for a health check-up. As the option of having an online doctor is not to be considered, we still have general public medical sites that can make a big difference in our everyday life.

Indeed, there are very good free online medical sitesWe have a number of medical sites that will help and guide you when you need help that does not require an emergency service. Also, after having done an excellent research work, SiteComme has succeeded in finding you medical sites that will surely not leave you indifferent.

If you need a medical encyclopedia, or a medical catalog for some research, or you are looking for advice on medical equipment or equipment for the disabled, you will appreciate our list here for sure.

Vulgaris Medical

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Vulgaris Medical is certainly the best free website on online medicine. Indeed, you will find a real medical encyclopedia available for everyone and very complete.

Filled with important information on major pathologies as well as on medications, among others, you will have a lot of fun browsing through it and making beautiful discoveries that will be very useful in your daily life.

  The best alternative medicine sites


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Another excellent serious medical site, Docteurclic will answer a multitude of questions related to general medicine. With more than 5,000 different subjects, you will find content for the whole family. Moreover, the updates of this site are done on a regular basis, which is very good especially in the health field.

Planet Health

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If you want to learn more about health, Planet Health is certainly one of the best mainstream medical sites to visit on a regular basis. You will find many interesting health issues that will affect all members of the family such as excellent practical advice on disease prevention, disease symptoms, children's diseases and many other topics covered.


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Vidal Eureka Health offers a lot of high level information on everything related to medicine and the pharmaceutical world. Vidal Eureka Health is a great medical book that also offers articles on issues such as dietary supplements, health of pregnant women and children to give just a few examples. For quality information, do not hesitate to consult this excellent medical site.


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Last but not least, Doctissimo is really a serious medical site not to be neglected. Doctissimo offers a very user-friendly interface as well as an excellent choice of medical articles that will answer all your health questions.

You will find health columns and wise advice on topics such as how to better cope with the heat, for example, and a lot of information on diseases and how to prevent them.

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