7 Best cooking & gastronomy websites

If you are looking for an easy cooking recipe, a gourmet cooking site or a dessert recipe, we invite you to visit our gourmet cooking list below.

We have chosen sites that are different from each other in order to be able to touch different culinary styles. Pastries, Italian cuisine, Moroccan cuisine and gastronomy are just a few examples of the styles and types of cuisine that are offered.

Yes, we can guarantee you that our mouths have been watering while we were searching for the best cooking sites available on the web. Whether you're looking for a simple recipe idea or to discover the cuisine of chefs, we're sure you'll enjoy visiting our cooking & gastronomy list.

Also, you will discover recipes, videos as well as very interesting articles on culinary subjects of different categories.  Whether you're a hobbyist or a chef, pay a visit right now and enjoy these great culinary sites for yourself and your family.

Good appetite!

Chefs' recipes

Official Website

It's not every day that you can enter a chef's kitchen and enjoy some of their best recipes. But with Recettes de Chefs, this dream is now possible, yes, this excellent site of gastronomic cooking offers you nothing less than recipes conceived by the best Quebec chefs.

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Without a doubt one of the best cooking sites, Recettes de Chefs will introduce you to the chefs and their culinary styles. In addition, you will be able to see them at work thanks to their Shows category.

Best of the Chef

Official Website

Another excellent cooking site, Meilleur du Chef is a site for cooking enthusiasts who want to round out their technique and discover absolutely sublime recipes. For more than 16 years now, the Meilleur du Chef team has been traveling all over France to meet the greatest chefs and offer you their tips.

So if you love to cook, Best of the Chef should be carefully bookmarked and made a part of your everyday life.


Official Website

With over 70,000 recipes available on their web page, Marmiton will surely not leave you indifferent. From simple recipes to the great classics, be sure to find great ideas for the whole family. With a very user-friendly interface, and recipes accompanied by beautiful photos, Marmiton is really a site to discover.


Official Website

Cuisiniers.pro is a cooking site that will appeal to all cooking enthusiasts and cooks. Among the sections available on Cuisiniers.pro, you will find recipes, nutritional information, cooking techniques as well as interesting articles.

So if you want to know the latest trends and all about the latest cooking news, Cuisiniers.pro is without a doubt one of the best cooking sites available online.

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Quebec Recipes


Recettes du Québec is not only a cooking recipe site, in fact, you will find very good culinary chronicles, videos as well as culinary themes according to the seasons which will please you for sure.

Of course as its name indicates, you will have the chance to find thousands of quality recipes accompanied by photos and explanatory notes. For recipes from Quebec of Italian cuisine, a seasonal salsa or for dessert recipes, be sure that Quebec Recipes will meet your needs.

Ricardo Cuisine

Official Website

Of course SiteComme couldn't make a list of the best cooking & gastronomy sites without including the Site of Ricardo our great Quebec chef. Ricardo offers you more than 5 thousand excellent recipes, hundreds of practical video capsules as well as culinary articles that will please everyone.

With more than 3 million visitors per month, Ricardo Cuisine is without a doubt one of the best cooking sites to visit before preparing our next ribs.


Official Website

As in everyday life, we decided to save the dessert for last. So to finish this list, we present you Chocolatiers.pro. Like its name, Chocolatiers.pro is a website that revolves around chocolate. You will discover its virtues, its history, its nutritional values as well as its benefits.

But we can't ignore the most important reason for this site, and yes, the recipes. Chocolatiers.pro offers you a huge choice of recipes as well as articles that will make your mouth water, so don't be shy and enjoy the good things in life by visiting Chocolatiers.pro now.

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