5 game rental sites like GameFly

GameFly is the Netflix of video games. With this excellent site, you can stream hundreds of high quality console games. It is very easy to use GameFly. All you need is a compatible control, an interactive TV and an internet line. When you are ready to try this video game rental service, download the application and try your first game for free.

You will find a huge selection of games of all kinds that will please the whole family. Every month, there are new additions of great games that will allow you to make great discoveries. In this online game subscription site, the price will surprise you. Indeed, for less than 10$ per month, you can have access to a huge catalog of games. GameFly will quickly become your best friend. If you become a member of GameFly, you can play solo games or join millions of players and play multiplayer games on your favorite games.

You will never lose your game data because GameFly keeps it in the Cloud? The best thing about this game rental site is that the games offered are unlimited. If you want to discover more games and sites similar to GameFly, check out our list of online game rental stores, each of which has a few special things to offer.

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Instant Gaming

Official Website

Last but not least, Instant Gaming has to be included in this list of sites like GameFly. This site is fantastic. If you are a gamer, you know how important experience points are. Instant Gaming knows it too. That's why they have their own in-house store that will help you excel while helping you save time.

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You can also redeem your points for things like game cards, items, and even games. This gaming site works with all the big names in the industry such as Sega, Ubisoft, Deep Silver and Kalypso. With SliaGames, you won't be disappointed. Start collecting your experience points now with this great alternative to GameFly.


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One of the biggest marketplace for video games in the world, G2A is a mastodon. You have thousands of PC games available at all prices but often much cheaper than Gamefly and on all platforms (uplay, steam, origin ...)


Official Website

With over 4 million users, Kinguin has already proven their strength in the online gaming world and their capabilities. This site offers the same kind of service as GameFly. Kinguin lets you share keys to game items. If you like to have the best weapons, costumes and bonuses, Kinguin is the ideal game rental site for you. So go and enjoy this great alternative to GameFly, you'll be glad you did.

Green Man Gaming

Official Website

This alternative to GameFly offers a huge selection of digital games to satisfy the most passionate gamers. You can stream games from PC, Mac, Nintendo or Sony Playstation. Currently, Green Man Gaming or GMG is available in over 190 countries. The prices on this site are very competitive and if you become a VIP member, you will get even more promotions and gifts.

This addition to sites like GameFly has a great community of players who will support you at all times if you should encounter any problems. Another great thing about Green Man Gaming is that the more you play, the more gifts you will receive. So, pick a game and get started and go enjoy all the great opportunities that Green Man Gaming has to offer.

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Big Fish   

Official Website

Big Fish Games is one of the best online game rental sites that you can find on the internet. This website has a huge selection of games of all kinds to offer for all categories of players. You will find categories such as puzzle, strategy, casino, adventure and action.

With Big Fish, you will be able to play with PC, Mac, and other platforms as well as from multiple devices like iPhone or Android tablet. Your gaming experience will be very positive with Big Fish and moreover, you will find a lot of games under the 3 dollar mark as well as promotions that will often lower the price to 90 % of the normal price.


Official Website

GamesDeal is another video game rental service like GameFly that needs to be on this list. If you need game codes or game cards, you can find them with GamesDeal.

You will always find very affordable and competitive prices. All your favorite games are available there and for most of the recognized platforms. Join the great community of GamesDeal, you will surely have a lot of fun while making excellent savings.

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