6 Electronics sites like Deal Extreme

What's really great about an online electronic store like DX.com is the amount of products you'll find and the prices that defy the competition thanks to their enormous buying power. DX is a Chinese wholesaler that offers free international shipping and hundreds of thousands of products of all kinds.

Whether it's a cheap tablet, for the purchase of computer equipment or for a home audio system, DX will meet your needs. This excellent cheap Chinese website is an electronics store worth visiting. You will also find a huge choice of sports articles, car accessories, beauty products and much more.

Although DX offers great promotions and excellent after-sales service, there are very good online electronic stores like DX that can offer you good service and equivalent prices. So we have done our research to find the best ones for you. So visit our list of Chinese sales sites like DX below, and enjoy the best prices for quality items.

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Last but not least, Banggood also offers thousands of items at low prices. Whether you want Apple accessories, smartphones and accessories, or car accessories, Banggood is one of the great options for online electronics shopping. In addition, you will find skin care products and many beauty products. So if you're looking to save money, check it out on your next shopping trip.

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If you are looking for a great alternative to DX, Newfrog is definitely a computer and electronics store that will surprise you with the amount of products offered. You will find jewelry, cell phone accessories, remote control toys and much more. So if you want to buy a security camera or clothes, Newfrog will make you save a lot on your next purchase.


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Another excellent Chinese sales site, Lightake is one of the similar sites to DX. With thousands of items for the whole family, Lightake will surely not leave you indifferent. From pet supplies, party accessories to toys and beauty products, Lightake will offer you everything with very good promotions.


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Very similar to DX, Cndirect is also a great electronics store that will surprise you with the quantity of products offered. This site like Newfrog and DX also offers a free international delivery service. You will find beautiful clothes for the whole family, a large selection of toys and electronic accessories. You can even find intimate accessories for adults.


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Tomtop is another great alternative to DX that offers many flash sales and the most competitive prices. You'll find toys, kitchen accessories, jewelry and thousands of items of all kinds. Just like DX, electronics are in the spotlight, from home theaters to cheap tablets and a large selection of electronics tools.

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Fnac is a must in the high tech world. Just like DX, you will find a huge choice of items for the whole family. Articles for cars such as a large choice of video recorders, or video transmitters to name a few. You will also have the pleasure to discover categories of articles such as toys and leisure, sports, home and garden and much more.


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