7 Dating sites like Meetic

August 23, 2023

We're living in an age where loneliness should no longer exist, or at least we're lucky enough to have all the tools we need to counter it. Whether you're looking for friends to occupy your free time, playmates or a soul mate, social networks and dating sites are the perfect solution. The best free dating site for you is not necessarily the same for someone else. Indeed, many factors come into play when it comes to our needs and desires.

So, to avoid problems with unreliable dating sites, we offer you a list of dating sites like Meetic, which are sure to please you and guarantee you a great time in excellent company. Meetic is a site that has been used by over 6 million couples and offers a geolocation service that makes it easy for you to meet people in your area. What's more, Meetic is an international platform. So no matter where you live, you'll have no trouble meeting new people.

SiteComme has done some research to find the best alternatives to Meetic and thus give you even more choices and possibilities. So we invite you to visit our list of dating sites like Meetic below and take advantage of their visibility to make wonderful encounters. Go there right now, and break that loneliness right now.

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JM Date

JM Date has positioned itself as Quebec's answer to Meetic. One of the leading players on the market, the site brings together several million profiles worldwide, with a predominance of women. As with Meetic, you can specify your search criteria to find the ideal person, whether you're looking for a lasting relationship or a more temporary one.



A fairly recent dating site, Cherche un Coeur has been able to make its place in this field thanks to its free services and its numerous subscribers. The site, like Meetic, is oriented towards serious encounters, with the possibility to discuss and choose the profiles that correspond to you. You can try it now for free!



Geared more towards 40+ year olds, Cougarilla is more of a booty call site. If you want to do some crazy things with older women and men, you can register for free on Cougarilla. The choice is immense and there is something for all ages and in all of France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.


Elite Single

To begin this list of sites similar to Meetic, we have chosen Elite Single. Indeed Elite Single is one of the biggest dating sites for men and women around the globe. Elite Single is a serious dating network that offers search tools such as the personality test that will allow you to select the person you want more quickly. With more than 18 thousand new visitors per week, Elite Single is one of the best dating sites like Meetic.

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A little different, but very effective, Tinder has become one of the most popular dating applications in recent years. Today, Tinder has over 10,000,000 users per month. Tinder works with Facebook, so all you have to do is to define the criteria you want and then you can select the profiles that interest you. Also, if they are interested in your profile, you can start the discussion that may lead you to new adventures.

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Single Easy Rencontre

Another excellent alternative to Meetic, Single Easy Dating really deserves our attention. Indeed, Single Easy Dating, uses new technologies of connection, which allows a better optimization of research. Very popular in France, Célibataire Easy Rencontre has crossed the borders and is now used all over the world. With more than 28 million active members, Célibataire Easy Rencontre is a dating network like Meetic that should be taken into consideration.

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Badoo is undoubtedly one of the biggest dating sites you can find online. With over 204 million users worldwide, and a geolocation algorithm, Badoo is one of the best alternatives to Meetic. Totally free and with a very user-friendly interface, Badoo is also very similar to Bazoocam and will be very useful to you in order to make beautiful meetings.

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Adopt a Guy

Adopt a Guy is a concept that allows women to choose from profiles of men and put them in a basket as if they were objects. Only women can contact men, which allows them not to be overwhelmed with unwanted offers. Very popular in France, Adopte un mec has been able to make its place in the world of dating sites like Meetic in a very original way.

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