4 Best sites like SkyRock

Since its origin in 2002 under the name Skyblog, this social networking website has been a phenomenal success. Skyrock became Skyrock in 2007 and 2008 with no less than 21 million visitors. Even if they have been dethroned by web giants, Skyrock can boast of having an excellent platform to receive millions of visitors coming from many different countries.

The great thing about Skyrock is that they offer a lot of space to their users. Create a Skyrock blog, Skyrock dating site, free online chat and much more. Really easy to use and free, this French social network is really out of the ordinary, translated into several languages you will be impressed by the number of people who are part of it.

Another really interesting point, if you are a music lover or musician composer, Skyrock offers you the possibility to create your own blog and put your compositions on it. With a slogan like here T libre, Skyrock has really succeeded in pleasing its community.

SiteComme decided to make you know social networking websites like Skyrock, which deserves to be known or better known. OK we know very well that in this list of the best sites like Skyrock, we could not miss the giants, so of course for those, it will surely not be a discovery. Go for a little visit and maybe make some nice discoveries that will surely please you.

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If you are looking for a great alternative to Skyrock, Overblog offers you a great online sharing platform. Create your own blog, and in a totally free way. Overblog is another French site that has overcome many pitfalls over the years, and fortunately for us, they have come out with an excellent and future oriented network. With access in English, German, Spanish and Italian, this social networking site offers you tons of possibilities.


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Certainly Facebook needs no introduction, when we talk about giants, well we can be sure that they are one of them. Available everywhere on the planet, this platform allows you to create a free account and follow all your friends and family wherever they are in the world. Probably the biggest free chat site available online.

Facebook is surely one of those that made life difficult for excellent sites like Skyrock. Fortunately for us, the competition forces us to be original, which gives us the chance to surf on several excellent sites like Facebook and Skyrock.


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Tumblr is a great alternative to Skyrock, enjoy a great platform to share with thousands of people. Tumblr, which is now owned by Yahoo, allows users to share videos and photos as well as select the kind of blogs that suit them.

So kind of like Facebook, when you see a blog that interests you you can reblog it. So Tumblr equals guaranteed fun.

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Google +

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Google+ is also one of the great social networks that cannot be avoided, this network like Skyrock and Facebook brings a different way of sharing, but very interesting by its unique style.

Select who you want in your network, but family, etc., by circling them, so the interesting thing is that even if you decide not to include someone in your circle, nobody will know. Your friends can't see who else is in your circles so that can also avoid problems.

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