The 9 best sites for online taxes

Doing your taxes is an obligation, whether you are an individual or a business. SiteComme has done a great job of researching the best online software. We could have come up with a huge list of sites, due to the amount of software available.

So we have selected the best ones, with great care referring to several points. For example, the ease of use of the platform or the information given in order not to forget important information.

This list of online tax sites is for Canada and the United States, so we have specified their availability. Scroll through this page, and take advantage of the best tax software available online, which will surely save you a lot of money.

Express 911 Loan

Official Website

Haven't filed your tax return yet? The deadline is today! For more details, discover here 5 free software to do it by yourself and the list of necessary documents. No more procrastination, fill it in now.

Turbo Tax

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To do your taxes online, QuickTax is an excellent choice that deserves our attention. This site is translated into French and Spanish, and is available throughout Canada and the United States. You will find software for individuals, businesses and families.

Many tax tips are also offered, in addition to guiding you step by step through your tax return. You will also be able to access online help in real time, and benefit from valuable advice from online professionals.

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eSmart Tax


Available in Canada and the United States, eSmart Tax is one of the best online filing service sites. Simple, secure and accurate, they also have a real-time online service. With eSmart Tax, the process is very simple, they will ask you tax questions about your income, you answer and then they do the rest for you.


Official Website

This online tax filing site is one of the best online sites. Available only in the United States, but for those of you who follow us from the United States, you will surely like to know more about TaxAct. Founded in 1998, TaxAct has been convincing American citizens of their excellent online tax software. Go visit them and take advantage of a product designed to simplify your life while giving you a very accurate result.


Official Website

Very precise and simple at the same time, FreeTaxUSAWhen it comes to online declarations, we are talking about the big boys. You can opt for the Premium version, at a more than reasonable price, and take advantage of a rigorously tested tool, year after year. With a very friendly interface, you will really appreciate this very good software to do your taxes online. As its name suggests, FreeTaxUSA is available in the United States.

UFile (Ufile)

Official Website

UFile is an online tax filing service in Canada, which with its excellent software is used by over a million people. UFile explores all possible scenarios automatically, so you can save as much money as possible. UFile is NetFile certified, so you can make your tax payment online, without having to print and mail it, which will also save you time and money.

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H&R Block

Official Website

With a service available in more than 13 countries, including Canada, H&R Block has demonstrated over the years the quality of their online declaration software. Different services are available to you, basic, deluxe, Premium or Premium & enterprise. All of them are known to make your work easier and make you receive the most money possible. With 24 hour real time service, H&R Block is one of the best services for doing your taxes online.

Studio Tax

Official Website

Studio Tax is a free Canadian personal income tax software. Available in English and French, with its simple interface, Studio Tax is a great option for doing your taxes online for free.

Professional Tax


Here is a software of online declaration purely Quebec, to make its taxes online in Quebec on the 2 pillars of governments. Available in English and French, this software was designed to make your life easier, very well explained, you just have to follow the instructions step by step. You have access to different software options at a very good price.

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