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Are you looking for the most credible sites in technology news? The increase in the number of online publications and blogs has led to an influx of information about computers, mobile gadgets, software and operating systems. However, it can be difficult to know which websites you can trust. Here are some of the most trusted high tech sites; they will help you keep up with the constant stream of high tech updates.


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Lesnumériques is surely the number 1 site about high tech. With comparisons and daily news on everything related to digital and technology. You can find tests of a photo lens, a 4k TV and an electric toothbrush. An excellent site with very complete tests which will help you to choose in case of doubt. There are also good deals, promotions and other news.


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Frandroid is the reference site for smartphones. They cover most of the high tech releases whether it's laptops, phones or anything digital. They offer extensive tests of the latest phones under android (as the name) but also under IOS. You can find good deals and big promotions not to be missed as well as very complete guides on various high tech topics.


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A site from the same group as Frandroid (mentioned above). This one is interested in digital news, the latest innovations and pop culture. You can read articles about the space conquest, about mark zuckerberg or about the nitendo lab. They also offer comparisons and tests of various objects such as a wireless vacuum cleaner to help you make your choice with pros and cons.

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Hitek is a website about geek news and high tech tests. You can find a lot of articles every day about the latest geek news like the next trendy video game, a popular movie or how to choose your password. The site benefits from a large and active community which will not hesitate to give its opinion and make the site live.


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Cnetfrance offers a wide range of articles on product tests, software and more generally high tech news. You can read the news about technology continuously. You can find for example articles about the latest smartphones, good deals for a cheaper phone package or the evolution of AI in our daily life. A site with a great community that will satisfy you.


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01net is one of the pillars in high tech. They cover high tech news, make product tests, comparisons and also offer software for download. If you are a digital lover, you will find your happiness on 01net.


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Journaldugeek covers high tech and geek news in general. You can find information about movies, video games, innovations and pop culture. An excellent site to stay informed when you are a geek and you love digital and high tech. There are continuous articles with tests, features, news and reviews. In short a complete high tech site with a big community.

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RDV du Numérique

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Rendez-vous du numérique is a big high tech website in France. You can find the daily news for everything related to digital, geek (movies, video games...) and high tech. You can find news but not only, there are also tests of the latest products in fashion, whether the latest smartphone from Samsung or the latest mouse gamer. There are also complete comparisons around the world of computers and digital, with buying guides to help you in your choice and TOP 5.

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