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February 17, 2022

The slot machine is a legendary game that can be found in both online and physical casinos. It is a game of luck that many players enjoy, as it is a lot of fun and can even lead to a huge jackpot. A new feature is on the lips of all online slot players today. It is the WowPot concept. It is a revolutionary version that is gaining more and more ground. What do you need to know about this concept?

What is the WowPot concept?

The WowPot concept is both innovative and original. It is the trademark of the company Microgaming whose full name is Wheel of Whishes (Wow). It was born in 2020 in the form of slot machines. Indeed, Microgaming is a brand that specializes in the production of online gambling software.

It has been around for about 20 years and has already produced a large number of virtual casino game software. Microgaming is the author of more than one hundred game options. Since we are talking about an online casino, the games produced are directly available to players.

The WowPot concept offers the possibility to play several slot games with progressive jackpots. Each time a player plays without winning the jackpot, the prize pool accumulates. So, the more players who fail to hit the jackpot, the more the jackpot amount will increase.

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This is possible because the slot machine takes a proportion of the player's wager and adds it to the pool. Once a player wins the accumulated jackpot, the pool will reset with a predetermined amount.

What are the different jackpots you can win?

There are 4 different jackpots that players can win. These are the Mini jackpot, the Minor jackpot, the Major jackpot and the WowPot 2 million euro jackpot. For the latter jackpot, the starting jackpot is set at 2 million. Anyone can enjoy these jackpots, as Microgaming's WowPot slots are available in many casinos. They even represent the top online slot machines.

Moreover, the slots can be adapted to any type of media. Whether the player is using a smartphone, tablet or computer, they will be able to play WowPot concept slots with ease.

What is the Book of Atem WowPot?

There is a WowPot free game guide on which it is possible to have many information. On this last one, we can know:

  • Its creation date;
  • Its creator;
  • Paying combinations;
  • And the rolls and lines.

In addition to this information, this page also contains the slot in numbers. This includes all the betting options, the bonus feature and much more. In addition, this guide contains the information you need to play Book of Atem.

The player will be able to find out the details as well as the betting limits. He will also be able to determine the real money wagering parameters. He will also be able to get an expertise on the WowPot Book of Atem.

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Finally, the WowPot Guide will not only provide information about the WowPot Book of Atem, but also about other WowPot games.

What are the different Microgaming slot machines?

In partnership with certain studios, Microgaming uses the most successful players on the web to design its various games. Among them we can mention: the Wheel of Wishes slot machine, the Sherlock and Moriarty slot machine, the Queen of Alexandria slot machine and the Sister of Oz WowPot slot machine.

Wheel of Whishes is the first slot machine of the WowPot concept to be created. It has about ten paylines and various mechanisms that are easy to interpret. The problem with this machine is that it doesn't offer big jackpots. It only offers entertaining games.

The Queen of Alexandria slot has 10 paylines. In addition, it allows a left to right or right to left payout. Finally, the Sister of Oz WowPot machine is without a doubt the most beautiful of the concept. Indeed, it has well-designed graphics and characters.

With its low volatility, you can win easily by stacking symbols. It even has the advantage of offering small wins with a stable budget.

What are the advantages of the WowPot concept?

Today, online casinos offer many advantages. For example, you can even play gambling games with bitcoins. Playing the WowPot slot machine also has its advantages. The most notable advantage is that it offers the possibility of winning huge jackpots.

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WowPot online slots offer much larger jackpots than traditional slots. Many gamblers are lucky enough to win millions of dollars playing them. In addition to the possibility of winning big, you can also get bonuses and promotional offers.

However, it must be said that these are only for people who bet real money. Finally, the last advantage of WowPot slots is their simplicity. They are games of chance, so there is no need to have a strategy to play them.

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