8 Movie streaming sites like Netflix

You love to listen to a good movie, or follow movie series without waiting for the next episode? Then a subscription to Netflix is for you. Definitely the most popular movie services and streaming sites of movies and series online, you will find absolutely everything month after month.

Whether it's on your computer, tablet or television you can join Netflix and spend days on end without taking off from your favorite chair. Although Netflix knows how to fill you with a lot of Netflix movies, there are very good sites like Netflix on the market to discover for movie streaming.

With more elaborate catalogs, you will be able to listen to all the Netflix movies for free, and even series that are not available on platforms like Netflix. SiteComme has made you a list of the best ones, so get out the popcorn, and we wish you good cinema.

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Prime Video

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Prime video is a streaming platform that offers movies, series, documentaries and anime. This service from amazon is very affordable and offers a large catalog in full HD 4k. It competes with netflix without worries and even offers original works. Take advantage of a 30 day free trial through our link.



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With a huge selection of movies and series to choose from, you can be sure to love Hulu. When you sign up, you're going to get a free month's subscription and after that, it won't cost you any more than Netflix. So, have fun on this movie streaming site and leave us some popcorn.

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Playon is an excellent movie streaming site, it will give you access to many movies and series. With Payon you can record anything you want, or just listen to it online. Also they give you access to a multitude of streaming sites like Netflix, Crackle, or Hulu, just to name a few. So if you're one of those people who like diversity, you'll be pleased with what Playon has to offer.

Disney +

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Disney Plus is the new competitor in the world of streaming services. It offers the entire Disney catalog, including several hundred series and movies. Find Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars or National Geographic in a single platform for only 6,99€/month.


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Arte, is another site like Netflix of movie streaming that is worth the trip. Arte works in a different way, you can see documentaries that you want for free. It is a French channel that provides cultural content, whether science, discovery, history ...


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CraveTv is another site similar to Netflix that is available to you. This online streaming site is only available in Canada. You will have to pay like Netflix, but on the other hand, in addition to the many TV series, you will find collections like HBO and Showtime and many documentaries that will fascinate you.

Select TV

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For a few dollars a month, Select TV offers you over 300,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, and many other alternatives including payperview. In addition, this online streaming site offers hundreds of free online games, making it a great alternative to Netflix.

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PopcornFlix is a site like Netflix of free movies, which will keep you busy for many months. They have a phenomenal amount of movies and series, and you can subscribe very easily. So enjoy the presentation, and have fun.


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ADN (or animedigitalnetwork) is a site like Netflix that focuses on anime, which will keep you busy for many months. They have a phenomenal amount of movies and Japanese series, and you can subscribe to them very easily. So have a good introduction, and have fun.

I hope this top will help you to find a site like Netflix, if possible a free alternative to save you some money.

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