The 5 best portable charcoal barbecues

Whether you are camping or live in a place where space is limited, buying a portable barbecue is one of the best practical options. Although gas barbecues are still very popular, in recent years charcoal has made a huge comeback. Not only are the meats cooked on charcoal more tasty, but the vegetables and fish will be a delight for the whole family.

When the time comes to buy a portable BBQ, it is important to take the time to choose the barbecue that will really meet your needs. Many models are currently available, both for smoking and cooking. Quality and performance are not the only characteristics that must be taken into consideration. Opting for a barbecue will make your life easier. Therefore, one that is easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to transport.

We've done a good job of researching and finding you top of the line products at great prices. So take advantage of our list of the best charcoal barbecues and enjoy unforgettable moments with friends and family while enjoying unbeatable meals.

Comparison table of the best portable charcoal BBQs

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Useful information for buying a portable charcoal barbecue

  • Easy to assemble and transport:  If you are buying a barbecue with the intention of regularly transporting it from one place to another, it is important to choose a model that is simple to assemble and easy to transport. Indeed, the ergonomics and the size of your barbecue will make all the difference when the time comes to fill up your vehicle before your next camping or other adventure. Also keep in mind that the charcoal you will need will require a space requirement that will vary according to your use. 
  • From barbecue to smokehouseSome models also offer the possibility to smoke your food by adding wood chips. Different types of wood chips can be used depending on the type of food you want to smoke. For example, hickory will offer a more pronounced taste than maple or fruit trees, so if you are new to smoking food, we suggest you start with woods that will offer a milder flavor.
  • Design for quick ignition: Keeping it simple is always a success gag. The difference between a pleasant or unpleasant experience can be made with small details such as air intakes to control the flow of oxygen in and out. Be sure to choose a model that offers air intakes under the tank and on the lid and that its intakes are easy to control.
  • Easily transportable and easy to maintain: Another point to consider is to look for a barbecue that offers an ergonomic design that will allow for easy cleaning. Removing the charcoal before transporting it again should be done quickly without getting pieces caught in any accessories.
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Did you know that?

Did you know that cooking food over coals has been part of human history for thousands of years? Although the advent of electricity and modern air has slowed down its use, we have always enjoyed this form of cooking which, let's face it, gives a unique taste to our food. Studies have shown that cooking with charcoal is no more harmful than cooking with propane gas. It will be important however, not to place the food too close to the charcoal, 10 centimeters is the minimum distance suggested in order not to carbonize the meat and avoid the creation of heterocyclic amino acids.

Best Charcoal BBQ brands

  • Vinteky
  • Tong Heng Sheng Firm
  • Barbecook
  • Kunliyin

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