Comparison of the best 4K TVs

Even though your TV set hasn't given up the ghost yet, you'd love to have the new Ultra High Definition (4K) TV model. Of course, you weren't really in a hurry for a few reasons, such as, the technology was available, but no cable provider offered 4K Ultra-HD content or the price. Well, you no longer have any excuses. More and more specialized channels like Netflix and YouTube are offering a wide range of movies and series in 4K Ultra-HD.

Moreover, although televisions were very expensive not so long ago, we can now witness a sharp drop in prices, due to an extremely competitive market. Well, now that you want to buy a new TV, you will have to choose among all these models available on the market. You can choose a TV with a standard screen or a curved screen, on a stand or on the wall.

The quality-price ratio is very important, because some models unfortunately do not offer everything you might expect. Also, since technology changes very quickly, it is important to check if the model you choose is one of the latest. If not, has the price been adjusted accordingly? We invite you to read our review below, which we hope will help you make a more informed choice before buying your next TV.

Comparison table of the best 4K TVs

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Useful information for the purchase of a 4K television 

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