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Create a website without any programming knowledge, and yes it is possible. Wix is one of the most recognized of all for its platform, both simple to use and very complete. This will allow you to create a website very quickly. With its many existing structures already ready to use, Wix is certainly a tool that is able to help you.

Wix is a free website editor, which is perfect for various sites for example, an entrepreneur, or businesses of any kind. If you are a professional, you have the option of choosing one of their multiple premium versions, which you will have to pay for.

Even if Wix is an excellent website software, there are very good alternatives to Wix that deserve our attention. After a good research, SiteComme has released the best of them. We can guarantee you that you will never see the creation of a website in the same way again.

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WordPress is more than an alternative to Wix, creating a website has never been easier. Now a leader in the international market, WordPress truly has all the tools to help you achieve your goal. With their huge selection of existing structures, building your website will be a pleasure and not an effort. Plus, you'll be able to view Google Analytics statistics right from your site.


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Very similar to Wix, Joomla will help you build your own website in a very user-friendly way. With several external modules, as well as many elements, to help you create that famous website you've always wanted. Joomla supports over 65 languages and offers thousands of existing structures. So, go and discover this excellent software like Wix right now!


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Very similar to Wix, you can try SnapPages for free, with a platform that's really simple to master. Built for ease of use, all you have to do is drag and drop and choose from an excellent selection of templates and designs. With SnapPages, creating websites has never been more fun.


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How to create a modern and elegant website? Well, with Weebly, you'll have everything you need to do that. Weebly is really a great alternative to Wix. With a platform that will allow you to easily, thanks to its drag and drop, have fun while building a professional and unique website. You will discover a powerful and very complete platform.


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Built for all kinds of websites, Webflow is certainly one of the excellent choices if you have to create a website. With easy to use, dynamic tools that will meet all your needs. Create a high quality website without being a professional developer, thanks to their state-of-the-art platforms.


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Simbla should be taken seriously if you want to build a beautiful and unique website. Simbla is very easy to use, and contains a wide range of existing structures. In addition to a platform that allows you to control your online database. Create a website in just a few hours with no coding required.

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Drupal is without a doubt, one of the most powerful website creation software. Ideal for sites that have to support a huge traffic, this platform will not let you down. Drupal is really a website creation software to consider, even without any programming knowledge.

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