9 Best sites like Addicting Games

Very fashionable and especially very entertaining, online flash games have become really popular on the web. Whether it is games to entertain your little ones, or games to entertain you during your free time, game sites like Addicting Games will make you have a great time.

With over 10 million unique players per month, Addicting Games is without a doubt one of the largest flash game sites online. You will find hundreds of games of all genres and for all ages. With a dozen new games every week, it will be hard not to resist.

There are many free flash games sites on the web, and although Addicting Games is really an inevitable, SiteComme offers you the results of its research. After a great research work, and a lot of testing time, we made some hard choices to limit ourselves to a list of 9 sites. But be sure that the list below is among the best free flash games sites like Addicting Games.

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Official Website

Free Online Games is one of the excellent alternatives to Addicting Games, you will discover excellent multiplayer games, action games and a multitude of free games of different categories. Translated into several languages, this flash game site will surely please you.


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Agame is a must on this list of games like Addicting Games, you will find games for all ages and for all tastes. From action games to puzzles to family games, Agame will give you what you want.

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Official Website

Fupa offers you an excellent choice of free flash games. Very similar to Addicting Games, you will have a lot of fun discovering many new games every week. Whether you want to play card games or strategy games, Fupa is sure to entertain you.


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It is enough to visit this site of free games like Addicting Games to not be able to do without it anymore. Very similar to Prizee, you will discover a fascinating world, with characters that will animate the life of your little ones. But the older ones will also be able to enjoy a huge choice of entertaining games.


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Prizee is an excellent game site to win gifts, this French game site is simply unique, Prizee has become one of the best online flash game sites like Addicting Games. The world of Prizee will fascinate you, go visit this free game site full of characters and have fun.


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MiniClip is a flash game site that offers a multitude of multiplayer games as well as many sports games. You will really like this games site like Addicting Games. Whether it is for children's games or the child in you. Go and visit it, you won't be disappointed.


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With more than 100 thousand games available, Kongegate is a great online flash game like Addicting Games. For over 10 years, Kongregate has been offering flash games for all ages. From fantasy games to strategy games you will have a lot of fun visiting them.

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Armor Games

Official Website

With thousands of online flash games, Armor Flash is a great alternative to Addicting Game. Give yourself hours of peace and quiet while your little ones sit and play their favorite games.


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Very easy to find a good flash game, Frivclub offers an excellent selection of action games, for the whole family. Take advantage of this site of free games like Addicting Games to spend a great moment of relaxation.

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