7 Jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co

No doubt about it, Tiffany & Co surely needs no introduction. If you want to buy jewelry. With exclusive models, a huge catalog and always of very high quality.

They offer jewelry for women, men and also for children. Their huge collections are world-renowned, but they continue to add new items year after year so that you always have something new to buy. But even though Tiffany & Co is almost unrivaled, there are a few stores like Tiffany that are on the same level as our beloved brand.

We have also included online stores where you can buy luxury accessories at very affordable prices. So, go and enjoy our list of the best online jewelry stores here below, you deserve it.

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Elite Jewels

Official Website

Second on our list of the best online jewelry stores like Tiffany, we have Elite Jewels. This jewelry store has everything you're looking for, and more. Collections for men, women, children and not to mention the gift department. During our search for brands like Tiffany, we were lucky enough to discover Elite Jewels.

You will find a wide selection of high quality jewelry as well as items that will most certainly make you buy a little more than you imagined.

Satia Jewelry

Official Website

We also found Satia Jewelry during our search for the best alternatives to Tiffany & Co. Their prices are very affordable and the choice of their jewelry and objects will surely please you. Satia Jewelry is the perfect jewelry store if you want to give the perfect gift for the person in your life. They do not offer free shipping, but the shipping rates are really low and the service is fantastic.

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Crown Jewelers

Official Website

Another great alternative to Tiffany & Co, Crown Jewelers will surprise you with the elegance and quality of their jewelry. Most of the jewelry offered are women's collections and free shipping after a purchase of 199.00$. In addition, Crown Jewelers offers a 30-day money back guarantee for your purchase, which you will surely enjoy.

QP Jewellers

Official Website

In our list of the best online jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co, we also have QP Jewellers. One of the best jewelry stores you can find online. They only have women's jewelry, but with such delicate and sketchy pieces that you surely won't be able to resist buying some.

With an international delivery service, then, you can always receive your earrings right to your door. In addition, this excellent alternative to Tiffany & Co. has one of the largest gemstone collections and sends your order in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity.

Lulu Frost

Official Website

Very similar to Tiffany & Co, Lulu Frost has to be included in this list of the best jewelers online. Their Plaza collection is inspired by the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City and is quite frankly beautiful and luxurious. Anyone who loves NYC must have a piece from this famous collection, as for the zodiacs that will please all fans of astrology.

The men's jewelry collection is just as complete as the women's, so Lulu Frost is definitely a company like Tiffany & Co that should be considered. In addition, Lulu Frost offers a delivery service in Canada and almost everywhere in the world.

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Official Website

We cannot finish this list of the best websites of jewelers like Tiffany & Co without adding Zales to it. They have been diamond experts since 1924. You can find diamonds for every budget and their designs are modern or timeless, depending on what you are looking for. They definitely have gift options for everyone, men, women and children. Their return policy is one of the best on the market, you have 60 days to return your item, which is great.

And if that wasn't enough, Zales offers a free delivery service. If you are looking for the best online jewelry stores, look no further, we have them all in this list. So, take a moment and visit the sites we've featured above. Every opportunity is good to buy new jewelry, honestly. So go store now.

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Official Website

Very similar to Tiffany & Co when it comes to offering a wide variety of jewelry and high quality items, Fred Mayer Jewelers will really impress you with their professionalism.

They also offer collections for women, men, and gifts. Unlike many jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co, this online jewelry store is very affordable and. You should go and see for yourself, we are sure you will start shopping as soon as you open your page.

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