9 Best astronomy sites

If you're fascinated by the sky and want to learn more about astronomy, you're sure to love our list of the best astronomy sites. Have a good astronomy softwareor a sky atlas is excellent. On the other hand, even if you had your own astronomical observatory, without the help of an experienced astrophysicist or amateur astronomer, it will be impossible for you to understand and appreciate all that you can observe.

So we have done our research to find you the best sites for beginners, intermediate amateur astronomers and also professionals. Whether you are wondering what telescope to start with or want to know absolutely everything about astronomy, our list of astronomy sites will meet your needs.

Why not start your introduction to astronomy now with these excellent sites to learn all about the sky and its mysteries. So, take a few minutes and discover the infinitely large, and above all, have fun.


Official Website

Studying the moon, the sun, comets or planets among others, this is what Astroplanetes offers you, and much more. Numerous techniques will be offered to you as well as normal and 3D sky maps, numerous amateur activities, files that will guide you for the purchase of a telescope, lenses and equipment in general.

You will also discover a lot of useful information and many photos and videos that will motivate you to continue to live this wonderful passion that is astronomy in general. Go and visit Astroplanetes, this excellent astronomy website has not finished making you see stars.

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Planet Astronomy

Official Website

With a very beautiful interface, breathtaking photos, images, videos, 3D animations, Planet Astronomy is really an astronomy site that deserves to be known by all those who want to know everything about astronomy.

Discover the solar system, the exoplanets, enjoy a lively forum and the many tools offered by this excellent astronomy site to learn about the stars and the universe. You will also find guides to buy a telescope, an astronomy telescope and much more.

Aurora Borealis

Official Website

What an extraordinary phenomenon the aurora borealis is, if you have had the chance to observe at least one in your life, you will surely agree with us. Aurora Borealis is a website that will answer all your questions about this fascinating phenomenon.

Aurora Borealis also offers magnificent image galleries and many explanations on this phenomenon of the polar latitudes, both northern and southern. You can also find videos of great beauty. Enjoy yourself, and go live beautiful moments on this beautiful website that is Aurora Borealis.

Google Sky

Official Website

Another excellent product from Google that we will probably not have to present, but that deserves to be part of this list of the best tools for learning about astronomy. Google Sky works exactly like its big brother Google Earth, i.e. you enter coordinates and you just have to move the cursor where you want to go afterwards and discover the universe in your own way.

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So, as seen through the Hubble telescope, you will be able to find the position of planets and constellations in the sky with one of the most advanced programs on the market, absolutely free.


Official Website

If you've been interested in astronomy for a while, you're probably familiar with Hubble. Hubble is a telescope that is sent into space and orbits the earth. Since its launch in 1990, Hubble has changed the world of astronomy in a very significant way. Also on the HubbleSite you will have the chance to enjoy a large selection of beautiful images and videos.

Hubble is also a great astronomy site for kids, or to discover the latest astronomical discoveries. Go and enjoy this excellent site of research on astronomyto deepen your knowledge.


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Although NASA (National Aeronautics and Space administration) is probably one of the most well-known institutions on the planet, many amateur astronomers will be surprised to discover their websites. The great thing about the NASA website is that you will know absolutely everything you need to know about the space station. From satellite launches, to international cooperation, as well as all the important upcoming missions.

You can find information of great importance, but also absolutely fabulous images of the moon, the sun of March or any other celestial object. So, go and visit this astronomical observatory and make wonderful discoveries.

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Official Website

If you are one of those who want to explore space, Space is a site that will certainly please you. You will find beautiful videos and photos as well as a great choice of quality articles. How to locate the constellations, how to protect our eyes during a solar eclipse are examples of subjects where you will find answers for sure. Take advantage of this excellent site to learn everything about astronomy.

Astronomy Now

Official Website

Astronomy now is a site that can guide you in buying astronomy equipment, from telescopes to professional lenses. Take advantage of Astronomy Now, to observe the latest astronomical discovery immediately, as well as all the current topics concerning astronomy around the world.

Very detailed articles and reviews on different subjects will be very useful to deepen your astronomical knowledge. Go and visit it, you will learn a lot.

Space Daily

Official Website

If you want to know everything about satellites and everything about the new technologies used today, Space Daily is really the website to bookmark. This excellent astronomy website will answer a lot of questions on all subjects related to the sky, astronomy and technology in general.

Space Daily is a periodical related to many others such as Energy Daily, Solar Daily, Space War, Nano Daily, Mars Daily and many more.


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